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The range of vision; sight.


range of vision; view



range of vision; view.
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Noun1.eyeshot - the range of the eyeeyeshot - the range of the eye; "they were soon out of view"
reach, range - the limits within which something can be effective; "range of motion"; "he was beyond the reach of their fire"
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Besides, the monkeys lived there as much as they could be said to live anywhere, and no self-respecting animal would come within eyeshot of it except in times of drought, when the half-ruined tanks and reservoirs held a little water.
The content makes no difference here, for any matter of public concern can be raised, as it was done in this case out of eyeshot and earshot of the plaintiff.
Special mention to his wife, who pinged into the room in the manner of a cartoon character and dragged the kids out while trying - and failing magnificently - to stay out of eyeshot.
a couple of throw away pens, index cards (so you can jot things down), maybe some breath mints, a name tag (worn on the right if possible so it's in eyeshot upon shaking hands), and some holiday cheer
Since homelessness is one of the foundation's areas of focus, a spokeswoman was asked about the presence of dozens of homeless persons living within eyeshot.
Pharmacists must stay within eyeshot and earshot when technicians are helping to fill prescriptions, but even that much help can free the pharmacist to administer a vaccine--an ideal time to talk to customers and counsel them--or to recommend and provide guidance on the use of an over-the-counter medication.
Within this system, roads would incorporate sensors and other technology to provide vehicles and drivers information about hazardous conditions and other critical events, well before they're within eyeshot.
Whitewoods is just a stone's throw away from the railway station and within the eyeshot of the newly proposed airport.
It would be a vast oversimplification of the situation if I were to say Tom owns the Talbot, the village and everything within eyeshot but I'm going to say that - because he sort of does.
In villages along Turkey's border with Syria Kurds, including refugees from Kobani, marched within eyeshot of their former home.
PARENTS, if the kids are within eyeshot of this page, distract them now.