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The mass of clouds that whirls around the eye of a hurricane, where the destructive force of the storm is most intense.
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The new GOES-16 (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite), replacing GOES-East and highly touted for detecting wildfires and the intense eyewall of hurricanes, is also an asset to thunderstorm monitoring.
2) the warmest TC temperatures result from subsidence and occur just inside the eyewall cloud edge where the sinking is strongest, and inner-core winds are shown to have a natural asymmetry beyond that induced by storm motion;
10, Hurricane Irma made landfall on Cudjoe Key, one bridge west of Summerland Key, with the category 4 eyewall passing directly over the center.
Just prior to landfall, the Marco Island Police Department reported a 130-mph wind gust in the eyewall of the hurricane.
The eyewall also passed over Vieques as a Category 5 early Wednesday morning, about 60 miles southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
state earlier on Sunday, with the storm's northern eyewall reaching the lower Florida Keys on Sunday after making landfall in Cuba.
Marco Island Police Chief Al Schettino said the eyewall of the storm was coming over the area.
A new understanding of how hurricane eyewall vortices behave and how they fuel the most intense winds will help future predictions of hurricane damage.
Tropical cyclones produce staggering amounts of rainfall, with maximum rates meeting or exceeding meters per day especially near the eyewall and when the storm becomes extra-tropical [3].
sup][8] The term "open globe injury" denotes full-thickness wound of the eyewall and includes rupture of the eyeball, penetrating eye injury, IOFB, and perforating eye injury.
On each mission, the crew flies through the hurricane in what they call an alpha pattern, penetrating its eyewall at least four times and collecting valuable data from each quadrant of the storm.