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Noun1.fa la - meaningless syllables in the refrain of a partsong
hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk - a message that seems to convey no meaning
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fo hs umo fa LA And look at the chap smoking at he court side - not only anathema th to the health conscious, but a reminder of more recent regulatory controls on tobacco, including the introduction of a ban on tobacco advertising at sporting events in 2005.
Se un paio di decenni fa la nostra conoscenza della fisionomia dell'italiano fuori d'Italia era ancora in gran parte frammentaria e approssimativa, oggi la situazione e nettamente migliorata: disponiamo di strumenti lessicografici, (5) di studi su ambiti specifici e diverse aree geografiche (non solo l'Europa centrale ma anche i Paesi mediterranei).
Here, you'll find a bounty of simple do-it-yourself decorating ideas that'll have you cheerily trilling "Fa la la" all season long.
Aside from a number of people complaining that it was too early for them to be One member joked "Thing is if I buy now to 'stock up' I always eat them , while getting in the Christmas spirit early another replied "tis the season to be jolly fa la la fa la la la la la," and another added "Woo hoo thats all i need to finish off my xmas shopping been waiting ages for them to bring these out."
Fa la, Each with his bonny lass A-dancing on the grass.
Mais, force est de constater, toutefois, que la CorAaAaAeA@e du Nord qui fa la sourde-oreille AaAaAeA ces menaces, a fait part, par la voix de son minist des Affaires AaAaAeA@trangAaAaAeA?res, de son intention de poursuivre son progr nuclAaAaAeA@aire et balistique avec encore [beaucoup moins que]plus de vigueur[beauco plus grand que] de maniAaAaAeA?re AaAaAeA [beaucoup moins que]atteindre un AaAaAeA@qu des puissances avec les Etats-Unis[beaucoup plus grand que] qui se tromperaient lourdement s'ils croient AaAaAeA tre capables d'arrAaAaAeA ter [beau moins que]la marche victorieuse[beaucoup plus grand que] poursuivie par Pyongyang dans le cadre de son armement atomique.
The air is full of fa la las, jingles and wishes for us to be merry, and in Paphos this week it will carry a whole array of different tunes.
Las hepaticas tuvieron una mayor frecuencia en el micrositio BAO (25%), mientras que para los micrositios BAE y FA la frecuencia fue de 15%.
Baciami Piccina" (2:33), "T'ho Voluto Bene (Non Dimenticar)" (3:35), "Accarezzame" (3:07), "Musetto" (1:39), "Piccolissima Serenata" (3:00), "Roma Nun Fa la Stupida Stasera" (3:11), "Ninna Nanna" (4:40), "Dimestichezze d'Amor" (3:28), "Cristina's World" (3:55), and "Torna A Surriento" (3:01).
"You go through this season where there's a lot of festivity and fa la la but how can you celebrate without taking a moment to help people who are disadvantaged and homeless?" said Michael Barbolla, the COO of Level Group, pointing to the "astronomical" numbers of people that are homeless in the city.
The toppings have been created to be paired with the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mocha, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha, White Chocolate Caramel Mocha, Fa La Latte or Ho Ho Mint Mocha espresso-blended beverages.
chunky letter-shaped cookie cutters* to spell holiday messages such as fa la la, joy, or the initials of recipients.