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n. fabela, fibrocartílago sesamoideo que puede desarrollarse en la cabeza del músculo gastronecmio.
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Raul Fabella raised the problem succinctly in his 2018 book 'Capitalism and Inclusion Under Weak Institutions': 'How does a government with a reputation for nondelivery and wastage improve its prospects as a partner in development moving forward?'
Ortigas and Boni Avenue in Barangay New Zaniga, as well as on Fabella Road in Barangay Addition Hills.
The flames spread close to the Manila City Jail's guard tower, the Manila Police District Station 3 and the Fabella Hospital, authorities said.
The fabella is a "sesamoid" bone, meaning it grows in a muscle tendon.
Fabella Maternity Hospital in Manila, they've been constructing it since 2014 but still [there is] more or less 7 percent left and we cannot pay them under a COA rule,' he added.
The fabella, a tiny bone that sits inside the tendon behind the knee, is more than three times as prevalent as 100 years ago -- and now two in five of us have one.
(NYSE: DESP) has entered into an agreement with Chile-based financial services provider Falabella Financiero to acquire 100% ownership of Viajes Fabella's operations, the company said.
Fabella syndrome has been identified as an uncommon, but relevant, cause of pain post-TKA due to mechanical irritation of the posterolateral tissues of the knee.
Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, a maternity hospital in Santa Cruz, Manila.
Manila: Medical professionals at the Fabella Hospital in the capital delivered the Philippines' symbolic 100 millionth child at 12.35am on Sunday.