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intr.v. fab·u·lat·ed, fab·u·lat·ing, fab·u·lates
To engage in the composition of fables or stories, especially those featuring a strong element of fantasy: "a land which ... had given itself up to dreaming, to fabulating, to tale-telling" (Lawrence Durrell).

[Latin fābulārī, fābulāt-, to talk, from fābula, tale, talk; see fable.]

fab′u·la′tion n.
fab′u·la′tor n.
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(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) to invent (fables or stories)
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distinction between the fabulations of philosophy and the enterprise of
"The Minister absolutely denies the scurrilous lies and fabulations about the connections between everybody with everybody produced by Matovi over the last three days," the press department of the Interior Ministry wrote in its response.
These works mingle secular Jewish sources, outdated literature about the Jews and (intended or unintended) fabulations of the Chinese author.
Philosophy and Science Fiction: Henri Bergson and the Fabulations of Philip K.
Ne me racontes pas comme a l'accoutumee toutes ces fabulations qui t'excusent, ces allegations emotives qui te servent de pretextes et ces justifications en psycho-sonates larmoyantes pour te plaindre.
Human beings live in tales: development of a portfolio of fabulations, based on workshop prompts and musings, that will germinate from the deconstruction of fairy tales, folktales and legends in a journey that will take the participants through Western, Oriental, and Native American tales, and will end with Afro-Cuban patakis.
drawn to fabulations and I've never sketched a harlequin or a dove
For, whether holding out eloquent fabulations of black intimacy or critiquing the visual construction of racialized subjectivity, Weems's art has consistently blended vernacular and high-cultural traditions from a uniquely feminist African-diasporic perspective that is nearly without parallel in the visual arts.
This strange reversal is also to be found in the departure from the technoscapes of science fiction in Doctorow's fiction, and its preoccupation with the abject fabulations and estrangements of surrealism and magic realism--with what A Place so Foreign describes as the "interstitial moment, the hot second when the world slides from fantasy to reality." (5) Dramatising such a transition, "Return to Pleasure Island" in this collection pictures the clandestine spaces of a prodigious theme park where the pursuit of pleasure results in children metamorphosing into donkeys, and which is staffed in part by a family of workers whose members reproduce themselves by tearing out or biting off parts of their own bodies which are then grown as offspring.
Rather than trying to understand "others" on their own terms, Europeans tend to demonize them by inventing fabulations that are more imaginary, and therefore of their own making, than real.
Man dwells in his poems, his "fabulations" (Deleuze's
Haraway, D 2007, 'Speculative fabulations for technoculture's generations: taking care of unexpected country', Australian Humanities Review, no.