face saving

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Noun1.face saving - an act that avoids a loss of face (of dignity or prestige)
accomplishment, achievement - the action of accomplishing something
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The PPP leader and former Senior Minister, Rahimdad Khan told that PTI in order to hide its poor security arrangements and mismanagement during the elections has made a face saving attempt by arresting its Provincial Minister Ali Amin Gandapur.
YOUNG families in the North East face saving for more than eight years before they can get on the property ladder, a new report reveals.
How many years do young people face saving for a deposit to buy a house, say Shelter?
These are false allegations, a face saving measure," Jaiswal said.
FIRST-TIME buyers in Wales face saving for more than 12 years to raise a deposit, a survey has found.
The aim of the research is to define face saving strategies and tactics in Modern English discourse and to reveal their realization during communication; the method used is discourse analysis (Gee 1999; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Dear Editor, One can never be sure whether Gisela Stuart's reaction to Labour's failure to set in motion its manifesto promise and hold a referendum on the EU Constitution is a face saving operation or just blatant opportunism (PM: Dishonest, indecisive and lacking strategy, Post Oct 16).
Otherwise, all the valuable time spent on clever marketing will have amounted to little more than a lengthy exercise in face saving.
These inaccuracies did not substantially alter the content of the face saving strategies of the speakers.