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also face cloth  (fās′klôth′, -klŏth′)
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(ˈfeɪsklɒθ) or

face flannel

Brit a small piece of cloth used to wash the face and hands. US equivalent: washcloth
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(ˈwɒʃˌklɔθ, -ˌklɒθ, ˈwɔʃ-)

n., pl. -cloths (-ˌklɔðz, -ˌklɒðz, -ˌklɔθs, -ˌklɒθs)
a small cloth for washing one's body.
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قِماش غَسْل الوَجْـه
rukavica na osobnú hygienu


[ˈfeɪsklɒθ] face cloth (mainly British) ngant m de toiletteface cream ncrème f pour le visage
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(feis) noun
1. the front part of the head, from forehead to chin. a beautiful face.
2. a surface especially the front surface. a rock face.
3. in mining, the end of a tunnel etc where work is being done. a coal face.
1. to be opposite to. My house faces the park.
2. to turn, stand etc in the direction of. She faced him across the desk.
3. to meet or accept boldly. to face one's fate.
-faced adjective
having a face of a certain kind. a baby-faced man.
facial (ˈfeiʃəl) adjective
of the face. facial expressions.
facing preposition
opposite. The hotel is facing the church.
facecloth noun
(American washcloth) a piece of cloth for washing the face or body.
ˈfacelift noun
1. an operation to smooth and firm the face. She has had a facelift.
2. a process intended to make a building etc look better. This village will be given a facelift.
ˈface-powder noun
a type of make-up in the form of a fine powder. She put on face-powder to stop her nose shining.
ˈface-saving adjective
of something which helps a person not to look stupid or not to appear to be giving in. He agreed to everything we asked and as a face-saving exercise we offered to consult him occasionally.
face value
the value stated on the face of a coin etc. Some old coins are now worth a great deal more than their face value.
at face value
as being as valuable etc as it appears. You must take this offer at face value.
face the music
to accept punishment or responsibility for something one has done. The child had to face the music after being rude to the teacher.
face to face
in person; in the actual presence of one another. I'd like to meet him face to face some day – I've heard so much about him.
face up to
to meet or accept boldly. She faced up to her difficult situation.
in the face of
having to deal with and in spite of. She succeeded in the face of great difficulties.
lose face
to suffer a loss of respect or reputation. You will really lose face if you are defeated.
make/pull a face
to twist one's face into a strange expression. She pulled faces at the baby to make it laugh.
on the face of it
as it appears at first glance, usually deceptively. On the face of it, the problem was easy.
put a good face on it
to give the appearance of being satisfied etc with something when one is not. Now it's done we'll have to put a good face on it.
save one's face
to avoid appearing stupid or wrong. I refuse to accept the reponsibility for that error just to save your face – it's your fault.
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I always pack batteries - always got to have batteries with you - and a facecloth. So many hotels in Europe don't seem to include a facecloth for some reason.
This convenient set includes a bath mitt, seashell-shaped facecloth, and soap sack.
We have also studied the presence of faecoliths along with parasites considering facecloth as important etiology of acute appendicitis (7, 8, 13) In our study out of 76 specimen 46 contain faecolith.
Every last detail in the cleaning process was now covered, from the folding of the bed-sheet and facecloth, to the dusting of the clock radio and vacuuming of the hallway carpet.
Water for Workers: Pepsi-co-backed volunteers have handed out 40,000 bottles of cool water and a 'thank you' facecloth to workers, Next round: June 14.
Each learner received a dental hamper containing a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, facecloth, soap and an apple donated by the foundation.
Jen and her husband Ken, 82, have recorded a promotional video in which they discuss promoting the project via "Facecloth or Tweeter".
I bathed the dog, pouring the water over his body, staying away from his head, which I washed with a wet facecloth to protect his eyes.
Critical care nurses can facilitate this participation by assisting patients to perform basic grooming and hygiene practices such as using a warm damp facecloth to wipe the face and hands.
Edinburgh girl Shannon Mackenzie, 14, who has acute myeloid leukemia, presented Kylie with a bunny she'd made from a facecloth as well as a pair of earrings.
Thuli gets up and goes to Elizabeth's room where she washes her face with a warm, moist facecloth and changes her diaper.
Above all, they must remember to wash their hands regularly and only use their own comb, brush, facecloth and towel.