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1. A plate covering the front of an electrical device, as of a cell phone, audio receiver, or light switch.
2. A disk attached to the mandrel of a lathe to hold the work to be turned.
3. A protective plate covering the human face, as of a welder or diver.
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1. (Mechanical Engineering) a perforated circular metal plate that can be attached to the headstock of a lathe in order to hold flat or irregularly shaped workpieces
2. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called: surface plate a flat rigid plate used to check the flatness and squareness of the faces of a component
3. (General Physics) the part of a cathode-ray tube carrying the phosphor screen
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1. a perforated disk mounted on a spindle of a lathe for holding work to be turned.
2. the part of a protective headpiece, as a diver's or astronaut's helmet, that covers the upper portion of the face.
3. the glass front of a cathode-ray tube upon which the image is displayed.
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Noun1.faceplate - a protective covering for the front of a machine or device (as a door lock or computer component)faceplate - a protective covering for the front of a machine or device (as a door lock or computer component)
protective cover, protective covering, protection - a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury; "they had no protection from the fallout"; "wax provided protection for the floors"
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Additionally, four distinct branded versions of the Classic Infotainment System will be offered specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, with a choice of black or chrome faceplate finishes to suit Jaguars and a choice of black or silver brushed aluminium for Land Rovers.
The new adapter extender cable will help for LCD projectors, high-definition video monitors and digital displays to an HDMI interface mounted in a Siemon Max series faceplate, said a statement from the company.
Designed for Intel Omni-Path Architecture (OPA), TE's ChipConnect assemblies mate directly with LGA 3647 sockets at the processor and Intel Omni-Path internal faceplate transition (IFT) ports at the faceplate for 25 Gbps speeds.
The food safe rating is achieved via a gasketed polycarbonate lens that covers the faceplate of the fixture and prevents any glass from being exposed.
Like the current G2 Ruggedized Z-MAX copper outlets, the G2 Ruggedized LC adapters are inserted from the front with the locking nut positioned behind the faceplate. This allows the use of an aggressive locking nut that fully tightens without tools.
The chic look is easily maintained with wipe clean nozzles and easy-clean faceplate. Fitting your new Orbit is so easy - simply screw it onto your existing shower hose - no tools are needed.
The Steel faceplate is anti-theft with no visible fixings, the help point emergency and information point engravings come as standard or can be customised to the customers' requirements.
"Customers are looking for a smaller form factor that will offer increased faceplate density and higher aggregate bandwidth while still maintaining superior thermal performance," reported Nathan Tracy, technologist, TE Data Communications.
Using a Lovejoy coupling, the electric motor mounts externally on the faceplate of the drive with a polymer spider for quick and easy installation or removal.
Remove the faceplate. Unscrew the mounting bracket and pull it out to expose the insides.
Waterproof and fire-resistant, the FHW40200 large file was redesigned with a durable body, flush-mounted faceplate and key lock to help keep important documents private.
The model 7190 is equipped with a rotary knob located on front of the faceplate, clearly labeled ONLINE and OFFLINE for quick and easy switching of the data.