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1. A mold, as of a footprint, made for use in a criminal investigation.
2. The making of such a mold or cast, as with plaster of Paris.
3. A model of a body part, especially a diseased or injured body part, used for educational purposes.
4. The use of materials such as molded latex body parts or theatrical makeup to simulate injuries or diseases on a volunteer or dummy, as for use in training emergency response teams.

[French, from earlier mollage, fee for inspection of wood by use of a standard frame, from Old French molle, mold; see mold1.]


1. the process of making moulds or casts that are often used as evidence in criminal investigation
2. a mould or a cast made of a person, a body part, or a footprint for use in a criminal investigation or for training medical personnel



1. the making of a mold, esp. with plaster of Paris, of objects, footprints, etc., as for the purpose of identification.
2. the mold itself.
[1900–05; < French moul(er) to mold]
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After facial moulage preparation, special tray with autopolymerising acrylic resin (DPI Self-Cure; Dental Products of India, Ltd.) was made for definitive impression and implant positions were identified.