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a. Done or achieved with little effort or difficulty; easy: a facile victory.
b. Working, acting, or done with ease and fluency: a facile writer; facile prose. See Synonyms at easy.
2. Arrived at or presented without due care, effort, or examination; superficial: We don't need another facile solution to a complex problem.
3. Archaic Pleasingly mild, as in disposition or manner.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin facilis; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

fac′ile·ly adv.
fac′ile·ness n.
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The ability to perform without apparent effort:
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Adsorbents bearing sulfur substituents are one of the most examined adsorption agents for noble metals owing to the excellent affinity of sulfur toward soft cations due to the soft Lewis basicity and the facileness of its introduction into various organic structures [30, 33-37].
Therefore, the present assay method for the detection of [Fe.sup.3+] ions in aqueous samples would be superior to the currently used AAS method in terms of facileness, sensitivity, and cost.
Popular understanding about the permanence of corruption is partly explained by the sense of facileness that Indians have developed over charges of corruption.
Numerous polyphenols bear antioxidant nature owing to the relative facileness of donating hydroxyl group to a free radical and the potency of the aromatic ring to carry an unpaired electron.

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