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tr.v. fa·cil·i·tat·ed, fa·cil·i·tat·ing, fa·cil·i·tates
1. To make easy or easier: political agreements that facilitated troop withdrawals.
2. To lead (a discussion), as by asking questions, mediating between opposing viewpoints, or ensuring that all participants' views are heard.

[French faciliter, from Old French, from Italian facilitare, from facile, facile, from Latin facilis; see facile.]

fa·cil′i·ta′tive (-tā′tĭv) adj.
fa·cil′i·ta′tor n.
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Adj.1.facilitative - freeing from difficulty or impediment; "facilitative changes in the economic structure"
helpful - providing assistance or serving a useful function
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He said that further escalation would have severe impact on the peace and security in the region, and reaffirmed his readiness to remain engaged with a view to playing a facilitative role.
In his remarks on the occasion, Minister of State for SAFRON said Pakistan is playing facilitative role in the Afghan peace process.
Customs administration had been increasingly called upon to play a more facilitative role in order to attract investment and tourism, he said, adding that expectations were rising for the sector to play a much bigger role on enforcement and security issues.
This enables a facilitative and non-intrusive environment for multi-modal transport of goods through several countries," he said.
He said Pakistan will continue to play facilitative role on Afghan reconciliation process.
Well, SPSC should take consideration for future exam conducts and it is not impossible and infeasible in today's advanced and facilitative era to take test simultaneously.
An enlightened response to the question as to what should be HEC's role vis-a-vis strengthening the institutions of higher learning and their integral components, faculty and students would be; it should be 'supportive and facilitative'.
They also underlined the need to improve Pakistani universities' by providing supportive and facilitative role to varsities, investment on faculty and student.
The second type, facilitative feedback, corresponds to providing comments, examples, and suggestions to help guide the student to make their own corrections.
In addition, he said that facilitative infrastructure such as internationally accredited quality assurance labs will be set up through international collaboration.
This will be done, he said, through the electronic collection system that allows the collection of the state's revenues in a facilitative and rapid manner to help individual financiers or corporate clients, along with non-customers of the bank.
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