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tr.v. fa·cil·i·tat·ed, fa·cil·i·tat·ing, fa·cil·i·tates
1. To make easy or easier: political agreements that facilitated troop withdrawals.
2. To lead (a discussion), as by asking questions, mediating between opposing viewpoints, or ensuring that all participants' views are heard.

[French faciliter, from Old French, from Italian facilitare, from facile, facile, from Latin facilis; see facile.]

fa·cil′i·ta′tive (-tā′tĭv) adj.
fa·cil′i·ta′tor n.
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Adj.1.facilitative - freeing from difficulty or impediment; "facilitative changes in the economic structure"
helpful - providing assistance or serving a useful function
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The Wake County Public Library System has been using the principles of facilitative leadership for more than eight years.
Other costs, including most success-based fees and the cost of valuing the target, are facilitative.
One of the profession's foundational principles has been that a face-to-face, facilitative relationship is an essential component for effective counseling.
Tony Watson of SCHIN said: "Bede House offers a good-sized, economic and facilitative working environment, with a valued city-centre location.
The goal of the facilitative interaction--that took place between the educational psychologist and young adults--is a practice-orientated attempt to stimulate self-awareness,--insight and--empowerment so that mental health and well-being are obtained and enhanced.
The alternative found in these governments is a facilitative model of leadership.
Attendees can work toward the NLI Certificate of Completion by completing four of five core certificate courses: communication skills, finance, project management, resilience, and facilitative leadership.
Pearce proposes that facilitative governments are supportive of independent organizations, operate through predictable laws and regulations, and are strong, whereas nonfacilitative governments are hostile, erratic, and weak.
The study addressed how these constructs relate to various expectancy factors, particularly personal commitment to counseling; facilitative conditions of counseling (counselors' genuineness, trust, and acceptance); counselor nurturance; and clients' expectations regarding improvement.
It now wants to involve facilitative ADRs as well because they can resolve disputes faster and cheaper than judicial settlements.
It has also been shown that athletes with lower scores in cognitive and somatic anxiety, and higher scores on self-confidence perceived their anxiety as more facilitative toward performance and had higher pre-performance expectations (Wiggins & Brustad, 1996).
The ability of the account manager to communicate the reasons for market research or for specific design approaches and to handle objections in a positive, facilitative manner creates the environment for research to progress.
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