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n. pl. fa·cil·i·ties
a. Ease in moving, acting, or doing: "a soldier who was expected to be able to fell a tree ... or build a bridge with equal facility" (Bruce I. Gudmundsson).
b. An ability or talent; an aptitude: "He was a mediocre student who had a facility for absorbing details without curiosity" (Jhumpa Lahiri).
2. often facilities
a. A building, room, array of equipment, or a number of such things, designed to serve a particular function: hospitals and other health care facilities.
b. Something that facilitates an action or process: The region has very poor transportation facilities.
3. facilities Informal A restroom or public toilet.
phương tiện


تَسْهِيلات zařízení faciliteter Einrichtungen εγκαταστάσεις instalaciones palvelut équipement postrojenje strutture 設備 시설 faciliteiten bekvemmeligheter udogodnienia instalações удобства inrättningar สิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกต่างๆ Tesisler phương tiện 设备
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The difference between a direct importation from abroad, and an indirect importation through the channel of a neighboring State, in small parcels, according to time and opportunity, with the additional facilities of inland communication, must be palpable to every man of discernment.
The White Worm, in her own proper shape, certainly has great facilities for the business on which she is now engaged.
The prince had traveled a great deal, and considered one of the chief advantages of modern facilities of communication was the accessibility of the pleasures of all nations.
But the wishes of Miss Magdalen Vanstone's eldest sister have claims on my consideration which I cannot dispute; and at her entreaty I inform you that all further proceedings on my part are withdrawn -- on the express understanding that this concession is to open facilities for written communication, at least, between the two sisters.
The facilities which nature had there offered to the march of the combatants were too obvious to be neglected.
Forts were erected at the different points that commanded the facilities of the route, and were taken and retaken, razed and rebuilt, as victory alighted on the hostile banners.
The banks of this lovely basin, at its outlet, or southern end, were steep, but not high; and in that direction the land continued, far as the eye could reach, a narrow but graceful valley, along which the settlers had scattered their humble habitations, with a profusion that bespoke the quality of the soil and the comparative facilities of intercourse, Immediately on the bank of the lake and at its foot, stood the village of Templeton.
Happily the facilities of the composite order presented themselves to effect a compromise, and the rafters were lengthened, so as to give a descent that should carry off the frozen element.
Medicare and Medicaid facilities can state that there are times when the request cannot be honored-including emergencies, if the resident is being transferred to another healthcare facility, or the disclosure is required by law.
Facilities must monitor their training and staffing systems continuously to achieve the level of control necessary for risk reduction in clinical care.
Long-term care facilities are concerned with their residents' psychological well-being in addition to their physical needs.

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