fact finder

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fact′ find`er

or fact′-find`er,

a person who searches impartially for the actualities of a situtation, esp. an official investigator.
fact′-find`ing, n., adj.
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In its exception, lawyers representing Candidate Abu Kamara pf the CDC argues that the hearing officer erroneously ignored and refused to consider certain relevant and material evidence adduced during the investigation as fact finder.
"A reasonable fact finder could conclude on this record that the manner in which the claim was handled evidenced Travelers' bad faith."
"I enjoy the artistry and strategy of it thinking many steps ahead and using creativity and the written or spoken word to persuade and educate the court or fact finder to rule our way.
As a reasonable fact finder could conclude that the plaintiff had a significant business relationship with Avraamov and suffered personal harm as a result of Avraamov's unfair and deceptive conduct, summary judgment should not have been granted on this count.
Considering the totality of the circumstances, I would hold that a rational fact finder could conclude that appellant used more force than that necessary merely to accomplish the touching because not only did he touch or grab the victim's breasts but he also "twisted as hard as he could" and held on to her in that manner for about a minute, according to the victim's sister, who was standing stunned next to her.
There are four action modes in Kolbe: Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quickstart and Implementor.
Any subjective standard opens the door to arbitrary and capricious assessments of negotiation tactics by mediators (serving as fact finder) and judges who may or may not be pleased with the outcome of the mediation or harbor some view that a party may or may not have compromised "enough." I submit that the requirement of "good faith" is a historical anachronism.
Another problem in most advisors' practices is the irregular use of a printed fact finder. Fact finders -- completed either using a printed or electronic model -- are an essential part of successful marketing efforts.
Ending with a chapter on weddings titled A Royal Reunion, "All About the Philippines" is a fun-filled fact finder book with loads of culture, traditions, and celebrations to share.
Evidence law artificially excludes much relevant and valuable information on the basis of rules that are partially doing this assessment for the fact finder. These rules may be designed to avoid the prejudices of juries, but that could effectively be accomplished by a more careful screening and training process.
"The fact finder has to look at them and find them credible and sincere when they're hearing their story" said Lorenzo F.