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fac·tion 1

1. A group of persons forming a cohesive, usually contentious minority within a larger group.
2. Conflict within an organization or nation; internal dissension: "Our own beloved country ... is now afflicted with faction and civil war" (Abraham Lincoln).

[French, from Latin factiō, factiōn-, from factus, past participle of facere, to do; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

fac′tion·al adj.
fac′tion·al·ism n.
fac′tion·al·ly adv.

fac·tion 2

1. A form of literature or filmmaking that treats real people or events as if they were fictional or uses real people or events as essential elements in an otherwise fictional rendition.
2. A literary work or film that is a mix of fact and fiction.

[Blend of fact and fiction.]
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(ˈfæk ʃə nl)

1. of a faction or factions.
2. partisan.
fac′tion•al•ism, n.
fac′tion•al•ist, n.
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[ˈfækʃənl] ADJ [fighting, violence] → entre distintas facciones
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[ˈfækʃənəl] adj [fighting, violence, dispute] → entre factions; [leader] → de faction
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[ˈfækʃnəl] adj (fighting) → tra fazioni
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References in classic literature ?
And so it goes, little family differences for the most part, which, if left unsettled would result finally in greater factional strife, and the eventual dismemberment of the tribe.
Observers say the hills seemed getting restive as some deadly factional clashes in Rangamati in the recent times had left a number of people of indigenous organizations dead, including an upazila chairman.
The aspirant, who said that the party had a factional and paralleled executives in Kogi, said that direct primary would address the issue of paralleled executives because it would allow every card-carrying member to participate in the primaries.
'FACTIONAL CS' "Raila is calling the shots at the moment, but time will tell," said Mr Rono, referring to the ODM leader, who lately has become President Kenyatta's bosom buddy in government since the famous handshake of March last year.
(Pilot) Salah Abdul Khalig, the chairman of the Factional Social Commity, a number of the MTC members and military leaders.
Their narrative seemed mostly free from the disgraced factional language we are bombarded with in the media but also liberated from the dry and detached narratives of politics and academia.
As expected, the answers varied, whereas 39 persons of the respondents suggested that the issue of ending Palestinian factional division must be prioritized, however, 14 persons voted for the reconstruction of the institutions of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, 13 persons voted for the development of a political and militant comprehensive and strategic vision, 12 persons for the conduct of elections, and 8 persons for resisting occupation, while other issues got 5 votes.
One day after he resigned, Zarif said in an interview published in the Jomhuri Eslami newspaper, "we first have to remove our foreign policy from the issue of party and factional fighting" adding "the deadly poison for foreign policy is for foreign policy to become an issue of party and factional fighting."
Islamic Jihad's Secretary-General Zyad Al-Nakhala, leading a factional team, is now in Cairo at the invitation of the Egyptian leadership, the group said in a press release.
The factional division in the Nepali Congress is likely to eat up Nepal Students Union, the powerful sister organisation of the party formed some 48 years ago.
NNA - "The political crisis that paralyzes life in Lebanon, causing severe problems at the economic, financial and daily-living levels, is the result of personal, factional and sectarian interests and external loyalties," Rahi said during Sunday's Mass service in Bkirki today.
Johor PKR chairman Hassan Abdul Karim has appealed to all members to put aside factional rivalries and unite for the upcoming party elections.