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Given to, characterized by, or promoting internal dissension. See Synonyms at insubordinate.

fac′tious·ly adv.
fac′tious·ness n.


given to, producing, or characterized by faction
ˈfactiously adv
ˈfactiousness n
Usage: Fractious is sometimes wrongly used where factious is meant: this factious (not fractious) dispute has split the party still further


(ˈfæk ʃəs)

1. given to faction; dissentious.
2. pertaining to or proceeding from faction: factious quarrels.
[1525–35; < Latin factiōsus belonging to a faction]
fac′tious•ly, adv.
fac′tious•ness, n.
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Adj.1.factious - dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion)
discordant - not in agreement or harmony; "views discordant with present-day ideas"


[ˈfækʃəs] ADJfaccioso


adj (liter)streitsüchtig, händelsüchtig; quarrellingkleinlich, engherzig
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(33) This "testimonial" text conflates at least four temporalities: first, of the Damascus Affair in 1840; second, of the "scene of writing" of that affair, some fifty years later; third, of the 1899 "scene of signature"; and fourth, of a postscript placed and dated "Tel Aviv February 2004." More than The Dejani Estate, Death of a Monk acknowledges its factiousness. The postscript thus states:
As Barbara Parker notes, Shakespeare's core theme of the Roman plays is "factiousness," which she claims precipitated "the sundering of the state" and battles for supremacy and perpetual strife (21).
Though the nationalist press which supported the organisation would often declare that the Association had effectively 'killed that spirit of factiousness' which used to define football and hurling matches 'in the days not so remote', the reality was that such passions ran deep.