Munchausen syndrome

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Mun·chau·sen syndrome

 (mŭn′chou′zən, mŭnch′hou′-)
A psychiatric disorder characterized by the repeated fabrication of disease signs and symptoms for the purpose of gaining medical attention.

[After Baron Karl Friedrich Hieronymus von Münchhausen (because the fabricated diseases recalled his fictionalized accounts of his life).]

Mun′chausen syn`drome

a factitious disorder in which otherwise healthy individuals seek to hospitalize themselves with feigned or self-induced pathology in order to receive medical treatment.
[1950–55; named after Baron von Münchhausen, whose fictionalized accounts of his own experiences suggest symptoms of the disorder]
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Noun1.Munchausen syndrome - syndrome consisting of feigning acute and dramatic illness for which no clinical evidence is ever found
syndrome - a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease
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Less comprehensive histories, such as those obtained during crisis or brief clinical services, may make it more difficult to distinguish between malingering and factitious disorder (Yates et al.
The two-volume set covers 500 entries, ranging from abuse, caffeine-related disorders, clinical trials, factitious disorder, kleptomania, magnetic resonance imaging, obsession, pica, St.
The syndrome - now known as Factitious disorder, or Fabricated or induced illness (FII) - occurs when someone in charge of a child fakes or induces illness in the youngster to attract attention.
In such cases, where the appropriate non-somatoform diagnosis would be Factitious Disorder With Predominantly Physical Signs or Malingering, intentionally produced symptoms "should not count toward a diagnosis of Somatization Disorder.
Jamieson denied the killing and blamed Nichola, 29,claiming she was suffering from post-natal depression or factitious disorder by proxy, where a mother tries to get attention by harming her child.
In this case, if the agency could say that the mother had created this illness in her daughter, then it would be correct to assert that the mother did indeed have factitious disorder by proxy.
Untangling the Web of Munchausen Syndrome, Munchausen by Proxy, Malingering and Factitious Disorder.
Munchausen's Syndrome is the most severe form of factitious disorder.
To the Editor: In 1998, I published an article in the SMJ entitled, "Breaking the Silence of Factitious Disorder.
Factitious disorder by proxy: clinical features, detection and management.
Malingering is to be distinguished from Factitious Disorder, in which individuals feign medical or psychiatric conditions, not for external reasons, but solely to assume the patient role and receive care (APA; Mercer & Perdue, 1993).