factor analytic

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Adj.1.factor analytic - of or relating to or the product of factor analysis
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In this study, we employed factor analytic methods to empirically test the six-domain framework (Morningstar, Lombardi, Fowler, & Test, 2017) as well as examine measurement invariance on the basis of disability.
The Dental Subscale of Children's Fear Survey Schedule: A factor analytic study in the Netherland.
Job Stress among Software Professionals in Pakistan: A Factor Analytic Study.
Full, reduced, and factor analytic models are used to determine the influence of globalization, economic freedom, political rights, civil liberties, total GDP, manufacturing, primary energy consumption, life expectancy, population, higher education, urbanization, and an economically active female labor force on trade.
In the Madeira Islands, although factor analytic results failed to identify the first style, the remaing four styles were identified (Garces, Pocinho, Wechsler, & Jesus, 2014).
Importantly, Folkman and Lazarus noted neither which specific factor analytic strategies were used nor which factor was divided after solution.
The current paper uses a factor analytic method to tighten up the measure.
"A great deal of research has been done in the factor analytic research psychology world around things like the five-factor model of personality.
In general, the validity of the folk illness beliefs derived in this factor analytic study with Latino college students is corroborated by qualitative and quantitative research utilizing Latino community samples (e.g., Baer, Weller, Garcia de Alba Garcia, & Salcedo Rocha, 2012; Hatcher & Whittemore, 2007; Palmquist et al., 2012; Weller et al., 2012).
Scale-level analyses are primarily concerned with the degree of invariance observed within common factor analytic models across groups.