factor analytic

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Adj.1.factor analytic - of or relating to or the product of factor analysis
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Full, reduced, and factor analytic models are used to determine the influence of globalization, economic freedom, political rights, civil liberties, total GDP, manufacturing, primary energy consumption, life expectancy, population, higher education, urbanization, and an economically active female labor force on trade.
To evaluate the data should, inter alia, factor analytic tests, item analysis and Reliabilittsanalysen performed and scale values ?
Bakker (2002), The measurement of engagement and burnout: A two sample confirmatory factor analytic approach.
A great deal of research has been done in the factor analytic research psychology world around things like the five-factor model of personality.
The third article, "Assessing Parentification in South American College Students: A Factor Analytic Study of a Spanish Version of the Parentification Inventory" (Hooper, 2014), is one of a few studies to explore the role of parentification (i.
Public Opinion towards Advertising: Factor Analytic Findings from Pakistan
90 are considered to be superb; therefore, data were suitable for factor analytic procedures.
She walks readers through a diversity of applications that include confirmatory factor analytic and full latent variable models tested on a wide variety of data, and based on either the analysis of covariance structures or on the analysis of mean and covariance structures.
Factor analytic studies have found that a single factor, or construct, accounted for the majority of the variance in students' night-sky watching attitudes, interests, and self-reported behaviors (Kelly, 2003, 2006a; Kelly & Kelly, 2003).