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1. The business of a factor.
2. The commission or fee paid to a factor.


(Law) the commission payable to a factor


(ˈfæk tər ɪdʒ)

1. the work or business of a factor.
2. the commission paid to a factor.


 the whole body or assembly of factors, i.e., agents in a manufactory, 1849.
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After the war Longstreet moved to New Orleans and became a partner in a cotton factorage business and head of an insurance firm.
Presiding over all of this wide-ranging commerce was New Orleans's large community of merchant capitalists: its banks, factorage houses, commission firms, brokers, wholesalers, and retailers.
Nowe I safely arived in Ingland the second time from Constantinople, whear nere seven years I had at that time passed of this wourlds pilgrimage; usinge my smaule stocke, had some imployment for Master Cordell and others, with also factorage profitt of fishes teeth.
Es lamentable el papel que jugo PEP, al ser primero promotor y luego actuar sin claridad y sustento juridico al decretar la adjudicacion a Oceanografia --recientemente vetada-- 8 unidades, siendo prestanombre de la tejana Otro Candies y soportada en terminos de factorage por Carlos Hank Gonzalez, nieto; o Nautica Saltamar, tambien tejana, filial de Tidewater Marine Services (Tidex), de la familia Bush, con 2 barcos.
6.25 7.30 -- Pct no wealth 19.0 5.9 Pct no rateable polls 13.7 84.4 Pct with slave 1.6 4.3 1.9 Pct Lenders 5.9 13.9 6.2 Pct Merchants 4.7 3.9 1.7 Pct Manufacturers 4.3 2.6 1.1 Pct with cow 58.5 53.3 Urban 6.3 (143) 5.1 (356) Rural 63.9 (1379) 68.1 (1166) Notes: Wealth is in pounds, and is the sum of [(horses + oxen) * 2], (cows * 1.5), [(goats + sheep) * 0.015], (swine * 0.4), (annual value of real wealth * 6), and the values of stock-in-trade, factorage, and money at interest.
Whatsoever goeth from us us (whether Mony, or (whether Mony, or Wares) for Wares) for Proper, Proper, Factorage, or Company Factorage, or Company account, the same is account, the same is --Creditor.