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n. pl. fac·to·ries
a. A building or group of buildings in which goods are manufactured; a plant.
2. A business establishment for commercial agents or factors in a foreign country.
3. The source of prolific production: a rock group that was a hit-tune factory; a motel that served as an illegal drug factory.

[Late Latin factōria, oil press, mill, and Medieval Latin factōria, establishment for factors, both from Latin factor, factor; see factor.]
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n, pl -ries
1. (Commerce)
a. a building or group of buildings containing a plant assembly for the manufacture of goods
b. (as modifier): a factory worker.
2. (Commerce) rare a trading station maintained by factors in a foreign country
3. Canadian (formerly) a main trading station for the exchange and transshipment of furs
[C16: from Late Latin factorium; see factor]
ˈfactory-ˌlike adj
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(ˈfæk tə ri, -tri)

n., pl. -ries.
1. a building or group of buildings with facilities for the manufacture of goods.
2. (formerly) an establishment in a foreign country where factors carried on their business.
[1550–60; factor, + -y3]
fac′to•ry•like`, adj.
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- Originally a place where traders did their business in another country, based on Latin factorium, "an oil press" (for olive oil).
See also related terms for olive oil.
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 a body of factors, or workers, 1702.
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1. 'factory'

A building where machines are used to make things is usually called a factory.

I work in a cheese factory.
He visited several factories which produce domestic electrical goods.
2. 'works'

A place where things are made or where an industrial process takes place can also be called a works. A works can consist of several buildings and may include outdoor equipment and machinery.

There used to be an iron works here.

After works you can use either a singular or plural form of a verb.

The sewage works was closed down.
Engineering works are planned for this district.
3. 'mill'

A building where a particular material is made is often called a mill.

He worked at a cotton mill.
4. 'plant'

A building where chemicals are produced is called a chemical plant.

There was an explosion at a chemical plant.

A power station can also be referred to as a plant.

They discussed the re-opening of the nuclear plant.


1. 'manufacture'

Manufacture refers to the process of making goods using machines. Manufacture is an uncountable noun.

The chemical is used in the manufacture of plastics.
2. 'factory'

Don't use 'manufacture' to refer to a building where machines are used to make things. Use factory.

She works at the chocolate factory.
See factory - works - mill - plant
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Noun1.factory - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturingfactory - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
assembly plant - a factory where manufactured parts are assembled into a finished product
auto factory, automobile factory, car factory - a factory where automobiles are manufactured
cannery - a factory where food is canned
chemical plant - an industrial plant where chemicals are produced
closed-circuit television - a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)
conveyer belt, conveyor belt, conveyor, conveyer, transporter - a moving belt that transports objects (as in a factory)
foundry, metalworks - factory where metal castings are produced
lumbermill, sawmill - a mill for dressing logs and lumber
paper mill - a mill where paper is manufactured
industrial plant, plant, works - buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
assembly line, production line, line - mechanical system in a factory whereby an article is conveyed through sites at which successive operations are performed on it
shop floor - workplace consisting of the part of a factory housing the machines; "the productive work is done on the shop floor"
stamp mill, stamping mill - a mill in which ore is crushed with stamps
steel factory, steel mill, steel plant, steelworks - a factory where steel is made
sweatshop - factory where workers do piecework for poor pay and are prevented from forming unions; common in the clothing industry
textile mill - a factory for making textiles
uptime - a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is functioning and available for use
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noun works, plant, mill, workshop, assembly line, shop floor, manufactory (obsolete) He owned furniture factories in New York.
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A building or complex in which an industry is located:
mill, plant, work (used in plural).
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nhà máy


A. Nfábrica f
B. CPD factory farm Ngranja f de cría intensiva
factory farming Ncría f intensiva
factory floor Nfábrica f
workers on the factory floortrabajadores mpl de fábrica
factory floor opinionopinión f de los obreros
factory inspector Ninspector(a) m/f de trabajo
factory ship Nbuque m factoría
factory work Ntrabajo m de fábrica
factory worker Nobrero/a m/f industrial
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n (industrial)usine f; (smaller-scale)fabrique f
weapons factory → usine m d'armement
furniture factory → fabrique f de meubles
factory worker → ouvrier/ière m/f
factory owner → propriétaire mf d'usineFactory Acts npl (British) ensemble des lois qui régissait les conditions de travail dans les usines au XIXe sièclefactory farming nélevage m industrielfactory floor n
the factory floor (= workers) → les ouvriers mpl (= workshop) → l'usine f
on the factory floor → dans les ateliersfactory outlet factory shop nmagasin m d'usinefactory ship nnavire-usine m
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nFabrik f; (plant also) → Werk nt


Factory Act
nArbeitsschutzgesetz nt
factory farm
nindustrieller Viehzuchtbetrieb, Großmästerei f
factory farming
nindustriell betriebene Viehzucht
factory hand
nFabrikarbeiter(in) m(f)
factory inspector
nGewerbeaufsichtsbeamte(r) m, → Gewerbeaufsichtsbeamtin f
factory outlet (store)
n (esp US) → Factoryoutlet-Laden m, → Fabrikverkauf m
factory price
nFabrikpreis m
factory ship
nFabrikschiff nt
factory shop
n (Brit) → Factoryoutlet-Laden m, → Fabrikverkauf m
factory worker
nFabrikarbeiter(in) m(f)
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2. adj (inspector, work) → di fabbrica
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(ˈfӕktəri) plural ˈfactories noun
a workshop where manufactured articles are made in large numbers. a car factory; (also adjective) a factory worker.
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مَصْنَع továrna fabrik Fabrik εργοστάσιο fábrica tehdas usine tvornica fabbrica 工場 공장 fabriek fabrikk fabryka fábrica фабрика fabrik โรงงาน fabrika nhà máy 工厂
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References in classic literature ?
This young man had been hired out by his master to work in a bagging factory, where his adroitness and ingenuity caused him to be considered the first hand in the place.
I went over several of these; such as a woollen factory, a carpet factory, and a cotton factory: examined them in every part; and saw them in their ordinary working aspect, with no preparation of any kind, or departure from their ordinary everyday proceedings.
SOME Workingmen employed in a shoe factory went on a strike, saying: "Why should we continue to work to feed and clothe our employer when we have none too much to eat and wear ourselves?"
When my father started for himself, there were many men in Manchester who were willing to labor in this way, but they had no factory to work in, no machinery to work with, and no raw cotton to work on, simply because all this indispensable plant, and the materials for producing a fresh supply of it, had been appropriated by earlier comers.
On benches round the tables in a dirty little room sat some ten factory hands.
They were before an opening in front of a large factory, from which men and women were streaming for their midday meal.
He accordingly fitted out a fine ship of four hundred and ninety tons, called the Beaver, and freighted her with a valuable cargo destined for the factory at the mouth of the Columbia, the trade along the coast, and the supply of the Russian establishment.
At the same time that his agents were purchasing corner lots and entire blocks in the heart of the business section and the waste lands for factory sites, Day was rushing franchises through the city council, capturing the two exhausted water companies and the eight or nine independent street railways, and getting his grip on the Oakland Creek and the bay tide-lands for his dock system.
In order to attend one of these dances you must be a member of the Give and Take--or, if you belong to the division that starts off with the right foot in waltzing, you must work in Rhinegold's paper-box factory. Still, any Clover Leaf was privileged to escort or be escorted by an outsider to a single dance.
'But, working under such a gentleman, they don't follow you to the Factory?'
She reflected upon the collar and cuff factory. It began to appear to her mind as a dreary place of endless grinding.
Sometimes the factory would start up on half time after a while, but there was no telling--it had been known to stay closed until way into the summer.