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Noun1.factory worker - a workman in a mill or factoryfactory worker - a workman in a mill or factory  
mill-girl - a girl who works in a mill
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
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by a salt factory worker who was about to dump used rice hulls into the pit in Barangay (village) Cato.
He promises poverty-stricken factory worker that he will raise her child, a relationship that gives his life new meaning, but both of them are drawn into an uprising against the reinstated monarchy.
Factory worker Mohammad Khokon said 150-200 people usually work in the building, but the number on site was less than that because it was a weekend.
There was even a scene which caught a factory worker (assumed to be a team leader) warning other workers not to fall asleep to avoid accidents like electrocution in case they hit a machine which are obviously run by live wires.
A 14- YEAR- OLDgirl and a 21- year- old factory worker, believed to be in a relationship, were found hanging from a tree on Sunday in north Delhi's Bonta Park.
A STOLEN painting worth up to PS25million has been found on the kitchen wall of a retired factory worker.
joined a list of other retailers that sent representatives to a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, to discuss ways to improve factory worker safety in Bangladesh.
News reports and witnesses said the violence Sunday stemmed from a confrontation between a factory worker and a guard that quickly escalated.
Lucky for those who were fortunate to have such a contract As a factory worker of 40 years at the now "abandoned" MF tractor plant, our glory days were short lived by comparison - we had to strike for most of our pay rises and conditions.
TIME LINE Factory worker Stephen Nesbitt and, right, his tattoo with the wrong date
Philip O'Brien, a 44-year-old factory worker of Middlesbrough, said: Pink Floyd.
In April, 2000, Sonae was forced to pay out pounds 15,000 when a factory worker was crushed while unblocking a conveyor belt, and in June, 2002, factory worker John Thomas was hospitalised after an explosion ripped a 50m-high hole in a wall.