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Noun1.factory worker - a workman in a mill or factoryfactory worker - a workman in a mill or factory  
mill-girl - a girl who works in a mill
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
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The video clip was shot by a garment factory worker with his mobile phone camera from the rooftop of Rabi Centre building, situated in a commercial area near Kantrali village.
KARACHI -- A vigil was organised on the eve of 108th International Women's Day by the Home Based Women Workers Federation (HBWWF) Pakistan outside the Karachi Press Club on Thursday to remember and recognise the efforts, achievements and sacrifices of the textile and garment factory worker women of North America and Europe who initiated a struggle against the capitalist system which today has taken the shape of a global labour movement for social rights and gender equality and justice.
In another, a 17-year-old factory worker was stabbed to death by his opponents as they clashed in Nawan Kot police vicinity.
It settles a year-long dispute between the world`s top memory chipmaker and an advocacy group representing sickened workers and their families after the 2007 death of a Samsung chip factory worker with leukaemia sparked concerns over working conditions at the South Korean company.
Shehzad, a factory worker apparently disgruntled at having been treated unfairly by the owners, had taken fellow employees hostage at a crushing plant in Sohrab Goth area.
Two persons including a factory worker were electrocuted here on Monday.
He promises poverty-stricken factory worker that he will raise her child, a relationship that gives his life new meaning, but both of them are drawn into an uprising against the reinstated monarchy.
There was even a scene which caught a factory worker (assumed to be a team leader) warning other workers not to fall asleep to avoid accidents like electrocution in case they hit a machine which are obviously run by live wires.
A 14- YEAR- OLDgirl and a 21- year- old factory worker, believed to be in a relationship, were found hanging from a tree on Sunday in north Delhi's Bonta Park.
A STOLEN painting worth up to PS25million has been found on the kitchen wall of a retired factory worker.
RETIRED factory worker Phyllis Preece worries about heating her three-bedroomed home since the death of husband Albert, 78, six months ago.
joined a list of other retailers that sent representatives to a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, to discuss ways to improve factory worker safety in Bangladesh.