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Devotion or adherence to fact.

fac′tu·al·ist n.


(ˈfæk tʃu əˌlɪz əm)

emphasis on, devotion to, or extensive reliance upon facts.
fac′tu•al•ist, n.


1. excessive concern for f acts.
2. a theory or belief relying heavily on fact. — factualist, n. — factualistic, adj.
See also: Knowledge
1. excessive concern for facts.
2. a theory or belief relying heavily on fact. — factualist, n.factualistic, adj.
See also: Thinking
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In much the same way that apomorphine operates as noise that breaks the cycle of virus replication, Factualist information distorts the Senders' message and disrupts the proliferation of their propaganda.
It is usually said that Spinoza was a factualist, namely, that he defended that power is a self-justificatory concept, that power is legitimate insofar as it is power.
Factualist descriptivism is the view that epistemic modal talk serves to describe reality, i.
But even if I have managed--as a Marxist or a Freudian or a poststructuralist or a Factualist bitch--to keep the delusion of personal identity at a certain distance, still, exactly that delusion floods in on me from another direction as soon as I make any move to operate in the historically conditioned medium of literary discourse.
After critically reviewing the standard characterizations, Cohen provides a novel counter factualist understanding of colour constancy, argue that it avoids difficulties of its traditional rivals, and defend it from objections.