The manner in which something, especially a work of art, is made: "the gummy surfaces, spectral smudges and woozy contours that ... appear in counterpoint to the clear, bright facture that had heretofore been [the artist's] hallmark" (Robert Shorr).

[French, from Latin factūra, a working or making; see feature.]


1. (Building) construction
2. workmanship; quality
[C15: from Old French, from Latin factūra]


(ˈfæk tʃər)

the act, process, or manner of making something.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin factūra]
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Si plusieurs consommateurs ont denonce recemment que leur facture n'etait pas fonction de leur consommation, le delegataire a tenu a preciser que la consommation mensuelle reste le seul element pour facturer les clients.
beaucoup moins que] Nous avons des factures impayees de 20 MDT pour la STEG et 10 MDT pour la SONEDE, nous travaillons a instaurer une meilleure gestion des ressources car il n'est pas normal qu'une mosquee termine le mois avec une facture d'electricite de 49 mille dinars
Pour ce qui est des crAaAaAeA@ances, le m responsable prAaAaAeA@cise que les dettes cumulAaAaAeA@es par les APC pour non paie de facture s'AaAaAeA@lAaAaAeA?
Facture de l'electricite Flambee des prix de denrees Meme les cartes, prepayees
If there are facture lines, the break occurred perimortem.
Tel a E[umlaut]tE[umlaut] le cas du Jordanien moyen, E[umlaut]poustouflE[umlaut] par la hausse ahurissante de-sa facture d'E[umlaut]lectricitE[umlaut].
The facture of the piece--the phrases that seem bound by spun steel--impresses as much as the variety of ensembles and the gestural signposts hung on the structure.
Another, bigger problem is that the conflict between depth and depthlessness that the works stage is their most diverting aspect, and this, despite the dirty comics, high-key colors, skillful facture, and anamorphic distortions, makes them feel oddly static; by engaging one of modernism's most durable sawhorses, Salle reveals the inherent conservatism of his postmodernist pose.
Work with the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Maintenance Policy, Programs and Resources) to integrate and implement UID requirements in depot-level maintenance functions involving the major repair, overhaul, or complete rebuilding of weapon systems, end items, parts, assemblies, and subassemblies; and manu facture of parts.
Aidan O'Brien yesterday reported that last season's Rothmans Royals St Leger winner Milan is making good progress after suffering a spiral facture of his off-fore cannonbone on his reappearance at The Curragh last week.
She has bowed out of several Grand Slam tournaments to recover from a stress facture in her left foot.
Deeper drilling operations may intersect further facture zones containing additional oil and gas shows prior to reaching the primary seismic target.

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