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Noun1.faculty member - an educator who works at a college or universityfaculty member - an educator who works at a college or university
educator, pedagog, pedagogue - someone who educates young people
prof, professor - someone who is a member of the faculty at a college or university
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The programme was developed with emphasis on principles and practices of effective teaching and research as core capacities of a faculty member, and to equip new faculty members with strategies and tools to overcome challenges of learners and develop in students' critical thinking and practical skills.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Greg Wheaton and Dental Assisting Unit Adjunct Faculty member Jane Maas were recognized with the 2018 Orrin G.
Li Chin is a faculty member of the University of Toronto.
DeAnna Massie is Lewis and Clark Community College's nominee for the 2016 Illinois Community College Trustees Association Outstanding Faculty Member Award.
In certain instances, some institutions may not be able to provide financial compensation to every online faculty member. Pina (2008) declared institutions should work toward establishing relevant professional incentives for online faculty.
One faculty member wrote: "This was one of my most enjoyable collaborative learning experiences.
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* Visiting faculty member of Urdu Science University.
Researchers are encouraged to examine not only the issue of full-time faculty member employment, but also the issue of part-time employment.
In addition to being a longtime faculty member at Columbia and a presidential adviser, Hubbard serves on the board of five major corporations.
* FUNCTION: A residential college housing 350 students and a faculty member and his family, with 11 faculty fellows (including the resident faculty member) teaching freshmen seminars and 25 "associate members" from the community dropping in to interact with students.
There are no hard-and-fast rules for how much research a new faculty member must produce to earn tenure.

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