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Noun1.fad diet - a reducing diet that enjoys temporary popularityfad diet - a reducing diet that enjoys temporary popularity
obesity diet, reducing diet - a diet designed to help you lose weight (especially fat)
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Maria Gisela Lonzaga, nutrition program coordinator, said fad diet is a trend now, especially promoted over social media, offering food diets claiming dramatic reduction of body weight and slimmer figure that are not supported by evidence.
'You can survive a fashion faux pas but maybe not a fad diet. If the dietary claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is (not true),' she says.
The study by Weight Watchers UK reveals 31 per cent of women plan to start a fad diet in the New Year and 13 per cent admit to following a weight-loss plan regardless of the health risks involved.
The TV presenter had also talked about losing weight with a dangerous fad diet that involves not eating any solid food for a month.
A highly recommended pick for any who would do more than just jump on another fad diet plan.
It's as if these men were proposing the latest dubious fad diet or anti-wrinkle cream.
LAS VEGAS -- With great enthusiasm, an overweight patient announces plans to embark on a fad diet. The physician is skeptical and wants to steer the person to a nutritionally balanced, low-calorie, low-fat regimen.
'These products are another example of a fad diet taking advantage of people and I consider them a waste of time.
"The Atkins diet produces weight loss, as does the grapefruit diet, the rotation diet, and every other fad diet Out there," says one of the researchers, Colorado's James Hill.
Certainly, there are people who lose weight on any type of diet, whether it's a fad diet of eating nothing but steak and lobster or a three-day juice fast.
Fad diet though it was, people did lose weight on it and subsequent plans of its kind.