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1. Having the nature of a fad.
2. Given to fads.

fad′dish·ly adv.
fad′dish·ness n.
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Adj.1.faddish - intensely fashionable for a short time
fashionable, stylish - being or in accordance with current social fashions; "fashionable clothing"; "the fashionable side of town"; "a fashionable cafe"
honící se za poslední módoumódní
podľa poslednej módy
gelip geçici hevese kapılantutkulu


[ˈfædɪʃ] ADJpasajero, poco duradero


, faddy (inf)


(fad) noun
a temporary fashion; a craze, interest or activity that (some) people follow enthusiastically, but lasts for a short period of time. What's the latest fad in dieting?; a health-food fad.
faddish adjective
faddishness noun
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Political protest, performance art or faddish prank?
The NHS has some really good advice which will see you lose weight - without having to go on a faddish weight loss campaign.
Manziarly became Hitler's cook after studying veggie cuisine at the Berchtesgaden clinic that supplied "faddish" meals to the Berghof, his nearby retreat in the Bavarian Alps.
Manziarly became Hitler's cook after studying vegetarian food at the clinic in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, that supplied "faddish" meals to his nearby mountaintop retreat.
The effects of a faddish juice fast can be temporary.
it turns out these aren't characters played by James McAvoy or daniel Radcliffe, but a writer and director who've created a shambling abomination of their own, stitched together from a mouldering vat of cliches, faddish action scenes and a tiresome plot.
However, there is more than one brand of ignorance and intolerance, and I am left wondering if a one-size-fits-all mentality, allied to whatever faddish or trendy idea is the flavour of the month, simply rides roughshod over the feelings and convictions of the many.
This kind of storytelling has become too faddish in all kinds of movies, and it leads to some unnecessary confusion here.
In a Midlands guide to heritage pubs, Camra writer Paul Ainsworth blasts "a mania for faddish theming, image change and trashing".
Of course, it could be argued that the US is a country where an innovative, fitness-related product, no matter how faddish, always stands a great chance of catching on.
[USPRwire, Sun Dec 07 2014] While the health and wellness trend is growing in Bulgaria, most consumers have little interest in healthy eating, with a focus on this area regarded as somewhat faddish. The Bulgarian diet can meanwhile often be rich and hard to digest.
Consider The Promise, 2011: Four aluminum shields, placed in a neat line like a Minimal sculpture, are artifacts of an investigation into faddish sun worship.