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A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze.

[Possibly from fidfad, fussy person, fussy, from fiddle-faddle.]

fad′dism n.
fad′dist n.
fad′dy adj.


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an inclination for adopting fads. — faddishness, faddist, n. — faddish, adj.
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Indeed, it's fair to ask whether such an impulse plays a role in the faddism, overreach, and self-righteousness that have long been hallmarks of school reform.
A meticulous dietetic history was taken in order to know the influence of various dietary habits and food faddism with respect to acute myeloid leukaemia.
We are overweight and unhealthy despite five decades of low-fat and no-fat health advice and faddism. How could the medical community, our Food and Drug Administration, and so many others be so wrong about dietary fats?
Prior to 1975, the text, Introductory Nutrition placed vegetarian nutrition in a chapter titled Food Faddism and Quackery.
(1985), From Perfectionism to Faddism: Measuring Consumers' Decision-Making Styles, in Schnittgrund, K.
Both are white, educated, upper- middle class, "feminine," slim, and fit; besides, they dress smartly and circulate (and act) in trendy spaces and social events (restaurants, parties, art galleries, fashion shows and so on) associated with sophistication, glamour and faddism. Resources such as music, food, drinks, clothing, hair style and technical elements such as framing, angle, illumination and the like (Kress and van Leeuwen 1996) contribute to project a voguish atmosphere, produced by an indexical complex that can be easily identifiable by the target audience (3).
Many of us have had enough of food faddism, food fetishism, food fear-mongering.
This news is important in that it tempers the shrill, growing post-modern hysteria of fat-free faddism that is threatening to derail common sense.
about their skin concerns without falling prey to the hype and faddism
Food Faddism: These are idiosyncratic diets and eating patterns promoted by companies and quacks which promote short term weight loss usually with no concern for long term health maintenance.
There's often something more than shallow faddism at play.
In a frank introduction to a 2010 reprint of his earlier article, Hallinger pointed out that 'Leadership models in education are subject to the same faddism in other areas of education.