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1. The act or an instance of gradually diminishing in brightness, loudness, or strength until actual disappearance occurs.
2. Baseball
a. A screwball.
b. An act of sliding by a base runner during which the runner veers sideways to avoid being tagged.


1. (Baseball) a baseball pitch that slows and dips as it reaches the batter
2. (Basketball) a basketball shot made while jumping back from the direction of the basket in order to evade an opponent


(ˈfeɪd əˌweɪ)

2. a slide in baseball made by a base runner to one side of the base.
3. a jump shot made by a basketball player while falling away from the basket.
[1905–10, Amer.]
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A gradual disappearance, especially of a film image:
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Though Kelly Williams and Anthony Semerad tried to bring TNT within two, 90-88, with 4:10 left, Santos was there again to hit a tough fadeaway before Fajardo followed it up with two more buckets, the last of which an uncontested jumper over Williams with 2:03 on the clock that virtually put the game out of reach.
AMA pulled within 88-93 on a basket by Jay-R Taganas with 2:25 remaining before Ahanmisi finished the job with a fadeaway jumper and a three-pointer time down to 9.
He nailed a fadeaway jumper with two minutes left that put the Illini ahead by three and brought the State Farm Center crowd to its feet.
The Bulls appeared to be in good shape in the second OT when Butler nailed a fadeaway jumper to make it 123-120 with just under a minute remaining.
The Lebanese offensive might was on full display in the fourth quarter and from 55-51 near the end of the third canto the score ballooned to 72-58 with 3:22 to play on a fadeaway jumper by Jag.
NCU's Javonte Byrd hit a fadeaway three-pointer as time expired in regulation to force the first overtime, and SOU rallied from seven points down as Kenny Meyer made two free throws with 4 seconds remaining to force the second.
But Humphries responded with a fadeaway from deep in the right corner.
Earlier in the day, Illinois and Minnesota went down to the wire, with the Fighting Illni victorious 51-49 thanks to Brandon Paul's 25 points and buzzer beating fadeaway.
Emmett's inclusion began to bear more fruit in the second quarter as the American poured in four baskets, two jump hooks, a layup and a fadeaway to keep Riyadi in the game, but just as in Game 1, Riyadi couldn't stop Anibal Zahle from scoring.
he said: "That's a makeable shot, but 'UD' did a great job of keeping his chest in front of him and forcing him into a fadeaway.
They have also chosen to cover one song, the Grateful Dead's West LA Fadeaway, which is a timely reminder of just what a great band the Dead were in their prime.
Wright chased him and Bargnani arrived too late to stop Bryant's fadeaway from 17 feet.