fading away

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Noun1.fading away - gradually diminishing in brightness or loudness or strength
dwindling, dwindling away - a becoming gradually less; "there is no greater sadness that the dwindling away of a family"
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But now my soul hath too much room-- Gone are the glory and the gloom-- The black hath mellow'd into gray, And all the fires are fading away.
What a contrast, my dear children, between this bold, rough, active man, and the gentle Lady Arbella, who was fading away, like a pale English flower, in the shadow of the forest
Hassan Al-Abbadi, HR manager of one of the biggest IT companies, said the reasons behind certain jobs in the Kingdom fading away will be job mergers, economic, social and cultural changes, development and changes in technology in service, changes in future skill trends, no demand for certain occupations, and limited training in other jobs.
ISLAMABAD -- The thousands years-old ancient heritage sites in federal capital are ruining and fading away due to the uncontrolled commercial activities and lack of interest by the concerned authorities.
And sadly it suggests that O'Gara runs the risk of fading away - though I cannot believe for a minute that Ireland would not mark his exploits at some point.
When asked if the one-day cricket is fading away due to the sudden emergence of Twenty20, Waugh said: "I don't think so.
As you concentrate on the luminous line, however, strange physiological effects are triggered in your eyes, and a second line, a kind of visual echo of the first, starts to travel upwards before fading away.