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 (fä′tho͞o, făth′ō)
n. pl. fa·dos
A sad Portuguese folk song.

[Portuguese, from Latin fātum, fate; see fate.]


(Music, other) a type of melancholy Portuguese folk song
[literally: fate]


(ˈfɑ du, -doʊ)

n., pl. -dos.
a Portuguese folk song that is typically of doleful or fatalistic character.
[1900–05; < Portuguese < Latin fatum fate]
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Noun1.fado - a sad Portuguese folksong
folk ballad, folk song, folksong - a song that is traditionally sung by the common people of a region and forms part of their culture
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This evening was accompanied with Fado by Maria Ana Bobone and Rodrigo SerraPound o.
Her career began in 1991, during a non-favourable time for Fado -- Portugal's sad musical tradition -- which recently has been declared as the 'Intangible Heritage of Humanity'.
Pero del otro lado del oceano tambien hay una musica con la que el tango tiene asombrosos puntos de convergencia: el fado portugues.
10 concert sees the rhythms of Portuguese fado, Brazilian bossa nova, and Argentine tango resonate throughout the Dzintari Concert Hall as Portugal's Antonio Zambujo, whom the prestige Foundation Amalia Rodrigues has called the best modern male fado singer in the world, takes centre stage.
Portugal has a rich culture dating back to prehistoric times, seen in the colorful Celtic-influenced folklore of the north, in the Moorish-influenced Fado music, in its romantic language, distinctive architecture (including its dazzling Azulejos and Calcadas), painting and distinguished literature, not to mention its welcoming people who have spread its culture around the world ever since the Age of discovery, and its intriguing history.
Par sa voix melancolique, puissante et souvent apaisante, Claudia Madur a reussi a enivrer l'assistance par des textes de Fado classique, nostalgique et longoureux, explorant l'amour inaccompli, la solitude, le chagrin, l'exil, ou encore les rues de Lisbonne, la capitale portugaise qui a vu naitre cette musique populaire inscrite par l'Unesco au patrimoine culturel immateriel de l'humanite en 2011.
Summary: Portuguese fado singer Liana enchanted audiences Monday night at Beirut's MusicHall with a performance that was both lively and ripe with emotion.
These include a Portuguese Fado concert by premier singer Liana, a mask theatre performance by Berlin-based Familie Floz and UK circus troupe Pirates of the Carabina.
The country's national anthem was played, interpreted by Portuguese fado star Dulce Pontes, and Portuguese musician Rui Veloso interpreted the songs "I never forgot you" and "Mother Africa.
Fado Resounding: Affective Politics and Urban Life.
Hy gee my bespreking van Fado vir 'n vreemdeling as voorbeeld.