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(fӕg) noun
1. hard or boring work. It was a real fag to clean the whole house.
2. a slang word for a cigarette. I'm dying for a fag.
fag-end noun
the small, useless piece of a cigarette that remains after it has been smoked. The ashtray was full of fag-ends; the fag-end of the conversation.
fagged out
very tired. I'm completely fagged out after that long walk.
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References in classic literature ?
They say the jail chaplains are mostly the fag-end o' the clergy."
They say that this is only the fag-end of the storm that we are getting here, and that it's been raging for nearly twenty-four hours on the east coast.
He occasionally made an attempt to smarten himself, and hum the fag-end of a tune; but his relapses into profound melancholy were only made the more impressive by the mockery of a hat exceedingly on one side, and a shirt-collar pulled up to his eyes.
He was out of his mind; completely and for ever mad, with this sudden shock coming upon the fag-end of his endurance.
Muddabir Shah, a Multan-based cotton expert, said keeping in view the higher unsold stocks of 552,000 bales in the fag-end of the season compared to 275,000 bales in the same period last year, the spinners and exporters were anticipating a decline in prices below Rs9,000.
It, however, lost some ground towards the fag-end due to profit-booking and a weak trend in european markets and settled 155.06 points, or 0.43 per cent, higher at 35,850.16.
"It has been brought to the notice of the government that the departments have the tendency of indulging in bulk purchases at the fag-end of the financial year in order to incur expenditure of unspent budgetary provisions allotted for the given financial year," the memorandum has said.
The Indian rupee plunged to hit an intra-day low of 64.18 against the dollar in knee-jerk reaction but managed to pull back magnificently towards the fag-end. The greenback, however struggled gain ground against its major rivals as North Korea headlines lead the way in the absence of any other major catalysts.
Mumbai: In a choppy trade at the fag-end of the session, the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex on Tuesday gave up initial dominance and even extended its losses for the fifth straight session, declining by 30 points to end at 28,161.72 on lack of any major trigger from overseas markets.
ANYTHING above 10,000 for a meaningless kickabout against Norway at the fag-end of summer is pretty remarkable if you ask me.
It's run at the fag-end of the Flat season when no one's interested any longer in racing; it's held at Doncaster, which is to glamour what I am to glamour; and at 1m 6f it's at a distance no one wants to run, particularly fat birds.
Instead, anything goes including driveway debris, construction vehicles and materials, minibus and other commercial parking, and yet the posse chases fag-end discarders as a priority.