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offensive slang male homosexuality
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(ˈfæg ə tri)

usage: This term is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting.
n. Slang: Usually Disparaging and Offensive.
male homosexuality.
[1965–70; faggot2 + -ry]
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DC: There are things like Taylor Mead's sissy faggotry in--
4Chan User 2: As much as you'd like this to be standard /b/ faggotry, it also has poltical significance.
June's admiration for gay coupling and child-raising is clearly a response to a general stereotyping of gay men as "promiscuous" and "irresponsible." It can also be understood as the logical extension of mediated images of BGMs, including the proliferation of "down low" (DL) discourse, and late 1980s/early 1990s minstrel-like portrayals of "Negro Faggotry." (22) The "DL" refers to black men who have sex with other men but are unwilling to identify as "gay," engage in long-term relationships or affiliate themselves within gay communal milieus.
vague faggotry"--and neither is Malnate--"undeniably an attractive young man, ...
But I can reveal that the cover carries a picture of the newspaper's building along with charges that the publication is guilty of "devil worship, communism and faggotry." Don't worry, there's plenty of Jew-bashing inside.
Ozon's cover features a young, happy heterosexual couple, the girl holding a sign with copulating stick figures in a crossed circle, and the statement "faggotry forbiden" ("zakaz pedalowania": a sign popularized by right-wing extremists, deeply offensive even in the Polish context).
She eased into her position as a symbol of lowest-common-denominator faggotry, but thankfully rose above it every time she opened her mouth.
The days of Rotten Boroughs, 'Faggotry' - splitting up land to produce more votes, members who changed constituencies with a brazenness that makes the 'chicken run' appear like loyalty, the spawning of Prime Ministers like so many tadpoles from Eton and Harrow was the world into which this son of a Liverpool merchant entered.
In addition to the critics I reference in this essay (Reid-Pharr, Ross, and McKoy), see also McBride and Johnson, especially "Manifest Faggotry: Queering Masculinity in African American Culture" (48-75).
Popular culture was replete with references to heterosexual men "faking faggotry" to evade the draft.
Dressed up in different masculine gear, Mapplethorpe underwrote such appropriation as erotic and sexual; but like Warhol before him, he shot it all through the lens of faggotry.
In a culture in which masculinity has long been Bruce Weber-ized, male "modeling" no longer bears the stigma of faggotry, hot bodily maintenance and GQ style are de rigueur from Facethejury.com to Blind Date, and military and police uniforms "drag" masculinity in the way a boa and sequins drag femininity, what would it mean to cons ider masculinity and/or gay-male desire as a difference of vision, of the visible?