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also fag·got·ing  (făg′ə-tĭng)
1. A method of decorating cloth by pulling out horizontal threads and tying the remaining vertical threads into hourglass-shaped bunches.
2. A method of joining hemmed edges by crisscrossing thread over an open seam.
3. A stitch in knitting that creates an open pattern.
4. The decoration, seam, or pattern created by such a method or stitch.
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(ˈfæg ə tɪŋ)

1. openwork embroidery in which some horizontal threads are drawn from the fabric and the remaining vertical threads are gathered into groups and tied at their midpoint.
2. a decorative sewing stitch in which thread is drawn in a zigzag or ladderlike pattern across an opening between two edges of fabric.
Also, Brit.,fag′got•ing.
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Noun1.fagoting - embroidery in which groups of parallel threads are tied together with fagot stitches
fancywork, embroidery - decorative needlework
faggot stitch, fagot stitch - the stitch that ties a group of parallel threads together in fagoting
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His first idea was to create a black sweater with panels all sewn together in a decorative fagoting stitch.
27 Fagoting is a traditional heirloom technique designed to join an open seam together.
Croscill is also dressing up its offerings with hem, pintucking, fagoting and ribbon treatments.