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To those believers shall he who is of my type among men not bind his heart; in those spring-times and many-hued meadows shall he not believe, who knoweth the fickly faint-hearted human species!
Thou knowest it well: the faint-hearted devil in thee, which would fain fold its arms, and place its hands in its bosom, and take it easier:--this faint-hearted devil persuadeth thee that "there IS a God!"
Of course it was at a sacrifice, but it would ease the strain on all of them and bolster up the faint-hearted. That was the trouble--the faint-hearts.
And the head popped back again; and we heard no more, for the time, of these six very faint-hearted seamen.
You bid me, darling, not be faint-hearted. Indeed, there is no need for me to be so.
I suspected then that she'd begun to get faint-hearted, waiting; though she'd never let me see it.
Crupp, of late the bold, became within a few days so faint-hearted, that rather than encounter my aunt upon the staircase, she would endeavour to hide her portly form behind doors - leaving visible, however, a wide margin of flannel petticoat - or would shrink into dark corners.
``If thou refusest my fair proffer,'' said the Prince, ``the Provost of the lists shall cut thy bowstring, break thy bow and arrows, and expel thee from the presence as a faint-hearted craven.''
"O dastard coward!" Stutely cried, "Faint-hearted peasant slave!
This was the last resting-place of a good man, a warm-hearted, unselfish man; a man whose whole life was given to succoring the poor, encouraging the faint-hearted, visiting the sick; in relieving distress, whenever and wherever he found it.
"You will learn soon how not to be faint-hearted. A man has got to learn everything--and that's what so many of them youngsters don't understand."
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