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Deficient in conviction or courage; timid.

faint′-heart′ed·ly adv.
faint′-heart′ed·ness n.




References in classic literature ?
For the first time I thought faint-heartedly of the greatness of the risk, of the adverse chances arrayed against me, of the fair promise of our new life, and of the peril in which I might place the happiness which we had so hardly earned.
When I hide her, or strike for her, faint-heartedly, in a hole or a corner, do you whom I love next best upon earth, tell me what I shall most righteously deserve to be told:--that she would have done well to turn me over with her foot that night when I lay bleeding to death, and spat in my dastard face.'
In between faint-heartedly pursuing (with the help of an ancient copy of the Kamasutra) the luscious Kumkum, Masthugget's postwoman and erstwhile Miss Bihar, and unhappily estranged wife of Patiparmeshwar Gharwala, a high-ranking babu given to spending nights in the notorious N.A.W.P (No Admission Without Permission) Adult Club, Barsk must solve Gautampuri's biggest mass murder.