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adj. faint·er, faint·est
a. Done with little strength or vigor; feeble: a faint attempt to apologize.
b. So weak as to be difficult to perceive; a faint light in the distance; a faint echo.
c. Lacking clarity or distinctness: a faint recollection.
d. Small in degree or amount; meager: faint chance of getting a raise.
2. Lacking conviction, boldness, or courage; timid: a tourist who is faint at heart.
3. Likely to fall into a faint; dizzy and weak: felt faint for a moment.
An abrupt, usually brief loss of consciousness, generally associated with failure of normal blood circulation.
intr.v. faint·ed, faint·ing, faints
1. To fall into a usually brief state of unconsciousness.
2. Archaic To weaken in purpose or spirit.

[Middle English, deceitful, cowardly, from Old French, past participle of feindre, to feign; see feign.]

faint′er n.
faint′ly adv.
faint′ness n.


n. desmayo; desfallecimiento;
___ spelldesmayo.
References in classic literature ?
I began dimly to understand that my fainting fit must have presented symptoms far more serious than the fainting fits of women in general.
I am not one of the fainting sort myself; but I feel it, I can tell you.
But the doctor has no idea, and Miss Hoighty has no idea, of the true cause of your fainting fit.
They two were a little apart from the others, and Francis was fainting.
Phlipote watched mechanically the double file of haughty figures passing before them: then, on a sudden, with a feeble cry, falls fainting into the arms of Claude.
Having a flask with brandy in it, he revived the fainting man, and led him to the inn.
after an early breakfast that morning), without taking food: he could only attribute the fainting fit to that cause.
What is there wonderful, what is there unaccountable, in her fainting under such circumstances as these?
When from dark error's subjugation My words of passionate exhortation Had wrenched thy fainting spirit free; And writhing prone in thine affliction Thou didst recall with malediction The vice that had encompassed thee: And when thy slumbering conscience, fretting By recollection's torturing flame, Thou didst reveal the hideous setting Of thy life's current ere I came: When suddenly I saw thee sicken, And weeping, hide thine anguished face, Revolted, maddened, horror-stricken, At memories of foul disgrace.
Stacy recalled her traumatic fainting spells and the surgery that could change her life from her hospital bed at Mattel the day before she was expected to be released.
A December world premiere by 33 Fainting Spells typifies the On the Boards adventurous artistic approach as well as its commitment to collaboration with other presenting organizations.
In a bygone era, fainting or dizzy spells signified a response to great passion or trauma.