fair deal

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Noun1.fair deal - fair treatment
deal - the type of treatment received (especially as the result of an agreement); "he got a good deal on his car"
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Two or three more saloons, and I accumulate a warm jingle and come pretty close to knowing everybody in town, all about the town, and a fair deal about the surrounding country.
The staff received further protection under HM Treasury's Fair Deal policy which protects pension arrangements for public sector staff compulsorily transferred to other employers.
It actually began before our meeting, with Chinese President Xi Jinping." Trump added "if we don't make a great deal, if we don't make a fair deal, it has to be better for us than for them because they had such a big advantage for so many years.
Research carried out by the Tories has revealed that 25 practices have closed since 2008, with critics blaming the Scottish Government for not giving the area a "fair deal".
He said "we want a fair deal that can actually help Pakistan in the short term, without affecting our long-term economic goals."
NURSING Homes Ireland said increasing the Fair Deal waiting list will make the trolley crisis worse.
[USA], Sept 1 (ANI): A day after no consensus could be reached on the new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreement between American and Canadian officials, United States President Donald Trump on Saturday threatened to exclude Ottawa from the treaty, if a "fair deal" for Washington was not drafted.
We want and customers a fair deal their In order to enjoy their job and give customers the best experience possible, the company was formed and now has a fleet of 45 cars and drivers.
Trump also talked about the recently renegotiated free trade agreement between South Korea and the U.S., saying he think it's going to be "a very fair deal."
Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith has written to Mr Williamson demanding a fair deal.
US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with neighbouring Canada and Mexico was "very possible," but he threatened to scrap the pact if the countries failed to reach a "fair deal for all."