fair market price

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fair′ mar′ket price`

the price at which both a seller and a buyer are willing to do business.
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The service relieves sellers of managing the ad listing, buyer negotiations, and RTA transfer, whilst ensuring the car is sold for a fair market price. Used car buyers can rely on a full 240-point check inspection and verification of the car ahead of purchase, providing an additional layer of transparency and protection.
'The new CWT rate will help gold miners in the cities of Davao, Zamboanga, Naga and Baguio to get a fair market price for their goldproduce instead of being shortchanged when they sell to the black market,' according to Dominguez.
Dealers involved in the program will post the fair market price for vehicles on their websites in an attempt to ease the stress of negotiation.
established collection centers for domestic farmers giving them with the opportunity to sell their produce directly at a fair market price. Through efficient post-harvest handling methods introduced by Metro a 95 percent improvement in availability and quality was achieved.
The amendment to the section 68 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, under the Finance Act, 2016, to determine the fair market price by either State Bank-nominated valuators or those of FBR won't bear results as long as there is no mechanism in place to avoid under-declarations.
On its Website SoundExchange said the new rates "do not reflect a fair market price for music and will erode the value of music in our economy."
Demand exists but only for the right product at the fair market price. Prices have started to adjust but effective drops...
This deal provides Westmoreland with a fair market price for the transloading facility as well as a long term royalty revenue stream," said John Schadan, Westmoreland's president of Canada operations.
The DDDA's financial consultant John Crawley claimed it was a fair market price based on two independent valuations.
He says the county has a fair market price with the two haulers; so he, and now the commission, have agreed to take advantage of the re-up clause in the current contract the county made with both haulers five years ago.
Middle East oil producers are facing pressure on a number of fronts and looking for pricing solutions that will help maintain market share, while at the same time achieve a fair market price."
We turn his items into cold, hard cash, and in the majority of cases, we achieve a fair market price. Often, we exceed his expectations.
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