fair to middling

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Adj.1.fair to middling - about averagefair to middling - about average; acceptable; "more than adequate as a secretary"
satisfactory - giving satisfaction; "satisfactory living conditions"; "his grades were satisfactory"
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Nineteen fair to middling Wallachian girls offered at L130 @
Craig Charles is on 6Music using words like Funkaliscious, so all in all my current disposition is fair to middling.
Build quality is fair to middling, with some very tactile buttons and leather offset by the odd swathe of cheap and nasty plastic.
Who knew that in August of that year, former president Corazon Aquino would pass on, and her only son Benigno Aquino III-until then a fair to middling senator uninterested in the presidency-would become a serious contender overnight on the wave of enormous public sympathy?
Its test scores are fair to middling - 29th nationally in the percentage of eight graders who are proficient or better in math, 18th in reading - but its graduation rate is lowest, except for the District of Columbia.
Scathing in his criticism of Bollywood for the fair to middling movies that one of the world's largest centres of film production churns out, Shah says: "The Bombay film industry can recover and multiply ten times their investment by making a load of trash.
Titulo original: Dream of Fair to Middling Women) Traduccion de Jose Francisco Fernandez y Miguel Martinez-Lage.
While the musical proficiency was beyond doubt the inclusion of covers and a distinct lack of fire or even evident enthusiasm made them appear like a fair to middling pub band.
The final section takes a different and longer perspective with four essays on the writer's relation with the Livre d'Artiste, the variations between his French and English prose works (a most interesting essay by Mr Sam Slote), Beckett and electronic publishing, and the controversy surrounding the posthumous publication of Dream of Fair to Middling Women and Eleutheria.
Murphy argues that, contrary to prevailing critical opinion, Joyce's influence on Beckett extended well beyond early writing like Dream of Fair to Middling Women (written 1932) and Murphy (1938).