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 (fâr′lēd′) also fair·lead·er (-lē′dər)
n. Nautical
A device such as a ring or block of wood with a hole in it through which rigging is passed to hold it in place or prevent it from snagging or chafing.
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(ˈfɛəˌliːd) or


(Nautical Terms) nautical a block or ring through which a line is rove to keep it clear of obstructions, prevent chafing, or maintain it at an angle. Also called: leader
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also fair′lead`er,

a pulley, thimble, or the like that guides a rope forming part of the rigging of a ship or crane in such a way as to prevent chafing.
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Noun1.fairlead - a pulley-block used to guide a rope forming part of a ship's rigging to avoid chafing
pulley, pulley block, pulley-block, block - a simple machine consisting of a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of application of a force applied to the rope
snatch block - a pulley-block that can be opened to receive the bight of a rope
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Global Power Recovery Winches Market: Segmentation The global power recovery winches market can be segmented on the basis of power source as electric and hydraulic, on the basis of fairlead type as Roller Fairlead and Hawse Fairlead, on the basis of winch type as fixed and portable, on the basis of winch rope as metal and synthetic, on the basis of weight capacity as Less than 4,400 lbs., 4,400 lbs.
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Another star of Ronstan's new product line, developed over the last nine months, is the Ropeglide fairlead. They can be positioned wherever they are needed to deliver your lines cleanly to a cleat or winch.
Tucking the winch into the brush guard was simple, and with the included roller fairlead the pull angle and life of the wire cable were ready for many years to come.
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These Lacoste Fairlead trainers, below, are reduced from PS65 to PS33 and come in both black or white (flannels.com).
Updated with modern Spydura synthetic rope (hence the "s" moniker) for easier use, it comes with a matte aluminum hawse fairlead. The series-wound, high-speed motor and 3-stage planetary geartrain provide fast line speed and smooth, reliable operation.
The only part of the salvaged vessel retained in the reconstructed vessel was an area of topsides near, and including, the bow, the windlass, the large fairlead and about six internal frames.
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