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An edible mushroom, especially the much cultivated species Agaricus bisporus.

[French, alteration of Old French champigneul, probably from Vulgar Latin *(fungus) campiniolus, (fungus) growing in the fields, from Late Latin campānia, countryside; see campaign.]
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(Plants) any of various agaricaceous edible mushrooms, esp Marasmius oreades and the meadow mushroom. See also fairy ring
[C16: from French, perhaps from Vulgar Latin campīnus (unattested) of the field, from Latin campus plain, field]
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(ʃæmˈpɪn yən, ˌʃæm pɪnˈyɔ̃)

n., pl. -pi•gnons (-ˈpɪn yənz, -pɪnˈyɔ̃)
an edible mushroom.
[1570–80; < Middle French, appar. « Vulgar Latin *campīn(us) of the field (see camp1, -ine1) + French -on n. suffix]
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