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1. Of or relating to a fairy tale.
2. Likened to a fairy tale: a fairy-tale romance that preceded the royal wedding.


1. of or relating to a fairy tale
2. resembling a fairy tale, esp in being extremely happy or fortunate: a true story with a fairy-tale ending.
3. highly improbable: he came out with a fairy-tale account of his achievements.


(ˈfeəri) plural ˈfairies noun
an imaginary creature in the form of a very small (often winged) human, with magical powers. Children often believe in fairies; (also adjective) fairy-land.
ˈfairy-story noun
1. an old, or children's, story of fairies, magic etc. a book of fairy-stories.
2. an untrue statement; a lie. I don't want to hear any fairy-stories!
ˈfairy-tale noun
a fairy-story. to tell fairy-tales; (also adjective) the fairy-tale appearance of the countryside.
References in classic literature ?
There will be no lack of fairy-tale authors in the future, I am sure.
As you shall see, I invented many stories for David, practising the telling of them by my fireside as if they were conjuring feats, while Irene knew only one, but she told it as never has any other fairy-tale been told in my hearing.
Years ago, when I used to wander of an evening from the fireside to the pleasant land of fairy-tales, I met a doughty knight and true.
He tells me his favorite fairy-tales, he can do up to six times, and he has a guinea-pig, and pa says fairy-tales ain't true; and isn't it a pity?
This volume presents about 500 fairy-tale postcards from around the world, drawn from the authorAEs collection.
Bobby Longbottom conceived of the cast beginning in modern clothing and changing into the fairy-tale costumes as they begin the show.
In the end, this is a fairy-tale victory of art and humour over tyranny.
Of course, the path of fairy-tale quests never runs smoothly.
MANY women look for a fairy-tale romance - but a new book offers advice on a more realistic approach to finding Prince Charming.
Fairy-tale figures can be found at various points in the journey.
When some fairy dust leaks from her storybook, Fern tumbles into a fairy-tale world.
Here is an unusual, creative collection of fairy-tale poems written from a slightly altered perspective on the traditional fairy tale.