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1. The imaginary land of fairies.
2. A charming, enchanting place.


(ˈfɛərɪˌlænd) or


1. the imaginary domain of the fairies; an enchanted or wonderful place
2. a fantasy world, esp one resulting from a person's wild imaginings


(ˈfɛər iˌlænd)

1. the imaginary realm of fairies.
2. an enchantingly beautiful region or place.
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Noun1.fairyland - something existing solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality)fairyland - something existing solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality)
fantasy, phantasy - imagination unrestricted by reality; "a schoolgirl fantasy"
paracosm - a prolonged fantasy world invented by children; can have a definite geography and language and history
2.fairyland - the enchanted realm of fairiesfairyland - the enchanted realm of fairies  
fictitious place, imaginary place, mythical place - a place that exists only in imagination; a place said to exist in fictional or religious writings


[ˈfɛərɪlænd] Npaís m de las hadas (fig) → país m de ensueño
he's living in fairylandvive en la luna


[ˈfɛərilænd] n
(in fairy stories)royaume m des fées
(= beautiful place) → pays m enchantéfairy lights npl (British)guirlande f électriquefairy story fairy tale, fairytale, fairy-tale n
(lit)conte m de fées
(= untruth) → histoire f à dormir deboutfairy-tale fairytale [ˈfɛəriteɪl] modif [romance] → enchanteur/teresse
a fairy-tale ending → un happy end


[ˈfɛərɪˌlænd] npaese m delle fate
References in classic literature ?
And meanwhile, Baron, I'll just show you a most interesting map we have--of Outland, and Fairyland, and that sort of thing.
Yes, that's Fairyland," said the Vice-warden: "and you might as well give him a hint," he muttered to my Lady, "about going back to-morrow.
Do you suppose you could manage to return to your fairyland, my dear?
These things all seem real to Dorothy, I know; but I'm afraid our little girl won't find her fairyland just what she had dreamed it to be.
Through the kindness of Dorothy Gale of Kansas, afterward Princess Dorothy of Oz, an humble writer in the United States of America was once appointed Royal Historian of Oz, with the privilege of writing the chronicle of that wonderful fairyland.
Vivid orchids and wonderful colored lichens smoldered upon the swarthy tree-trunks and where a wandering shaft of light fell full upon the golden allamanda, the scarlet star-clusters of the tacsonia, or the rich deep blue of ipomaea, the effect was as a dream of fairyland.
It isn't only nice things that happen in fairyland.
He looked and recognizing in her both the old and the new Sonya, and being reminded by the smell of burnt cork of the sensation of her kiss, inhaled the frosty air with a full breast and, looking at the ground flying beneath him and at the sparkling sky, felt himself again in fairyland.
We cannot put it into words, perhaps, for it is something mystic and strange, something that takes us nearer fairyland and makes us see that land of dreams with clearer eyes.
Indeed, my little friend, were you to wear it and wish yourself in Australia, with your uncle, the wish would doubtless be fulfilled, because it was made in fairyland.
We were getting tired of its ill-humour and talked of leaving it, when it suddenly grew sweet-tempered again, swooped around a curve--and presto, we were in fairyland.
They now separated to prepare for the sad ceremony; for whenever an appeal is made to law sorrow is almost certain to follow--even in a fairyland like Oz.