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n. often fajitas
A dish consisting of strips of marinated meat or vegetables that are grilled over an open fire and served in a tortilla, usually with spicy condiments.

[American Spanish, diminutive of faja, band, strip, from Latin fascia, band, bandage.]
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pl n
(Cookery) a Mexican dish of soft tortillas wrapped around fried strips of meat, vegetables, etc
[Mexican Spanish]
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(fɑˈhi təz, fə-)
(used with a sing. or pl. v.) a Tex-Mex dish of thin strips of marinated and grilled meat, served with tortillas, salsa, etc.
[1975–80; < American Spanish, pl. of fajita literally, little sash, diminutive of Sp faja belt, strip, band (orig. dial. or < Catalan < Latin fascia fascia]
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Fresh fajitas not saucy enchiladas Selecting fajitas means you can choose how much product you put on each corn tortillas.
In my Texas upbringing, fajitas were a restaurant thing, not a home-cooking thing.
Go Tex-Mex with these fish fajitas that will feed four in less than 15 minutes.
The Hard Rock place will have their signature legendary burgers, fajitas, nachos and hot fudge brownies, in addition to several new items for hurried travelers to 'grab n go'.
It's a Mexican side dish, much like salsa, that goes well with fajitas, tostadas and quesadillas, and also makes a tasty dip for tortilla chips.
By that I mean I'm taking traditional Mexican, or Telmex, fajitas and mixing them with a little bit of the Middle East.
A&nbsp;South Texas&nbsp;juvenile justice department employee was arrested for felony theft after he was accused of stealing $1.2 million worth of fajitas over nine years.
Shall I have chicken fajitas tonight or chicken thai green curry?
| Fajitas A new Mexican restaurant is set to take over what was previously Manzo, in Liverpool ONE.
7 Serve the mince in a bowl alongside bowls of salsa, grated cheese, guacamole, and sour cream for people to make their own fajitas with the warmed wraps.
From fajitas to tasty tacos and some vegetarian options that are both delicious and nutritious, there is something to suit everyone!