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Then he continued: "That story about a government concession was all a fake, Professor, else he'd have put up a fight now.
The whole of this affair of the ropes is a clever fake, to make us think him the victim of the struggle instead of the wretched Glass, whose corpse may be hidden in the garden or stuffed up the chimney.
Scape, lately admitted partner into the great Calcutta House of Fogle, Fake, and Cracksman, in which poor Scape had embarked seventy thousand pounds, the earnings of a long and honourable life, taking Fake's place, who retired to a princely park in Sussex (the Fogles have been long out of the firm, and Sir Horace Fogle is about to be raised to the peerage as Baron Bandanna)--admitted, I say, partner into the great agency house of Fogle and Fake two years before it failed for a million and plunged half the Indian public into misery and ruin.
Twelve and a quarter," was the answer, just touched with pride "And I'd a-made more if it wasn't for that fake bunch of starchers.
Khawaja sought report from Pakistan Bar Council and five other Bar Councils in lawyers' fake degrees case, asking them to provide progress on disciplinary action against the lawyers holing fake degrees and groups running fake law colleges.
IT may look good, but fake make-up packed with poison is being sold across Britain.
The Good Morning Britain star explained afterwards that she was waiting for her fake tan to develop before she washed it off.
The Android application package files (APKs) seems to be stored in some scamp Dropbox accounts where the fake apps are back linked.
People exposed to fake medicines believe they are receiving a genuine treatment, but instead they are getting potentially dangerous products that could increase resistance to real treatments and cause further illness, disability or even death.
Besides inspection of markets and shopping centres to ensure they are not selling fake products, the department is also seeking to raise public awareness of duplicate products and the harms they can cause.
This gives them a chance to have something that looks right and keeps the bullies off their backs" Brett Scorer: "Nothing more annoying than someone walking around in fake Uggs, especially when it's been raining and they're all soggy - the person wearing them looks like they've got two broken ankles
According to the complaint lodged by Manish Pandey, the regional head ( currency operations, UP and Uttarakhand), they found fake currency notes worth ` 10.