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one who produces counterfeits; swindler; fraud
Not to be confused with:
fakir – Muslim religious mendicant; Hindu ascetic; beggar; one who performs feats of magic

fake 1

Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent.
1. One that is not authentic or genuine; a sham.
2. Sports A brief feint or aborted change of direction intended to mislead one's opponent or the opposing team.
v. faked, fak·ing, fakes
1. To contrive and present as genuine; counterfeit: fake a signature.
2. To simulate; feign: faked his death so his wife would collect insurance money.
3. Music To improvise (a passage).
4. Sports To deceive (an opponent) with a fake. Often used with out.
1. To engage in feigning, simulation, or other deceptive activity.
2. Sports To perform a fake.

[From earlier slang, to do, rob, tamper with, from earlier feak, to beat and feague, to beat, set moving, cause (a horse) to hold its tail high by artificial means, fake (as in feager, one using false documents), perhaps from German fegen, to sweep, move briskly, torment, or Dutch vegen, to sweep.]

fak′er n.
fak′er·y (fā′kə-rē) n.

fake 2

One loop or winding of a coiled rope or cable.
tr.v. faked, fak·ing, fakes
To coil (a rope or cable).

[Middle English faken, to coil a rope.]
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Noun1.faker - a person who makes deceitful pretensesfaker - a person who makes deceitful pretenses
beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheat - someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
name dropper - someone who pretends that famous people are his/her friends
ringer - a contestant entered in a competition under false pretenses


2. One who makes a fraudulent copy of something:
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It is supported by Oman LNG, Octal, Al Faker Institution, and the Public Authority for Civil Aviation - Salalah.
When you do these things, you will find your relationships are better, and your faker fruit will give way to the real thing.
There was a time, when this person was called FAKER not a hero, states Davidovik.
The bespectacled, floppy-fringed 'Faker', real name Lee Sang-hyeok, is the world's top League of Legends gamer and in hyper-wired Korea, he enjoys similar fame and fortune to top basketball or baseball players.
While talking to newsmen, the mother of the deceased youth said that her son was killed by the police in a faker encounter one month ago but the concerned authorities have not taken any action against the accused cops.
One is a believer while the other one is a faker. Who will get the dream job?
The Royals singer will appear alongside a host of other international rock and alternative artists such as alt-J, The Neighbourhood, Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker) and ODESZA.
He's the biggest liar and biggest faker in the business" Former Oasis star Liam Gallagher on his brother Noel.
He's the biggest liar and biggest faker in the business" Former Oasis star Liam Gallagher on his brother Noel "Sorry to have to ask, but does anyone know why Julian Assange refuses to face a British court?
You intercept the localizer a few miles outside FAKER. During the turn to intercept, as you're descending through 11,000 feet, the glideslope needle comes in and the autopilot captures it all.
"He is a faker," (http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/12/politics/justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-donald-trump-faker/) she said about Trump in July . "He has no consistency about him.