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or fa·key  (fă′kē)
adv. & adj. Sports
In sports such as skateboarding or snowboarding, riding with the foot one usually has forward placed to the rear: rode fakie down the rest of the hill; a fakie trick.

[fake (perhaps because a maneuver performed while riding fakie can be seen as a fake version of a maneuver performed in normal stance or can seem more novel or difficult than it actually is) + -ie.]


(Skateboarding) a skateboarding position in which the skateboarder faces the opposite direction to that which they would normally. Also called: fakie
informal phoney, fake
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The term HDR carries its own confusion, since smartphone and other cameras commonly use the same acronym--though the TV version has nothing to do with the hyper-realistic, fakey camera images.
Trimcraft, Satyen Fakey, CEO & Owner, 44 115 983 4840, satyen.
The band then followed up with a fakey, playing the intro to The End Where I Begin then splicing in the soaring rap melodies of Before The Worst.
Taxpayers should find it outrageous that the wildlife department has wasted almost half a million dollars paying houndsmen to kill cougars for a fakey study.
No bloated cruising with fakey on-board bands and all-you-can-eat seafood buffet here: Adrenalin took half a dozen of us out in a small boar (way out, beyond the reef), to explore the soft-coral, kaleidoscopic landscape beneath the turquoise surface.
It was third time lucky for the VPs when they finished 116-107 ahead of Barnstaple Rock Park BC in their third game, with the highest winning rink honours going to Rex Fallon, Bill Fakey, Brian Hunt and Alan Bister.
The "Orpheus" music is pretty fakey, too--only one true samba--and the words, being written by a real poet, are bad.
Apply the fakey bakey first, then sliver on the lotion