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or fa·key  (fă′kē)
adv. & adj. Sports
In sports such as skateboarding or snowboarding, riding with the foot one usually has forward placed to the rear: rode fakie down the rest of the hill; a fakie trick.

[fake (perhaps because a maneuver performed while riding fakie can be seen as a fake version of a maneuver performed in normal stance or can seem more novel or difficult than it actually is) + -ie.]
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Jamie earned the title of FAKIE World Champion at the international NASS Festival in Somerset.
Jamie, who went to school in Crosby, now competes at the international NASS Festival in Somerset and has earned the title of FAKIE World Champion.
He replaces Shauket Fakie, who has been MTN Group chief business risk officer for the past eight years and will be going on retirement this month.
Mariano took home the Bronze medal in the BMX Best Trick Contest with his patented backflip fakie, while Gonzales landed for silver in the Skateboard Best Trick Competition.
Do a rock to fakie while skating on transitions like a half or quarter pipe.
May 22: 10am-noon (Opening Ceremony and Fakie Downhill)
Break out your board and learn the Rock to Fakie, Pop Shuvit or Noseslide.
After you've mastered all that, you'll be ready to learn to carve turns and try out some tricks like a "nose slide to fakie," or an "Ollie."
Air to fakie: any airborne trick when the wall of snow is approached head-on and the landing is made backyard.
He pinches the 5-0 and hops out right away, scooping into a balanced fakie 5-0 reminiscent of Marc Johnson's beautiful frontside 5-0 backside 180 to fakie nosegrind in Fully Flared (also a great combo).
But the image of one of the greatest skaters of all time, the floppy-haired wastoid who continued to shred through years of self-abuse, to see this guy now, in his 30s, torturing himself to squeeze in one more day of fakie flipping--this was something new.
Cardiel broke in the block on top with a 50-50, Tim McKenney lipslid it, Tim Upson went over a bench with a heelflip, so did Dan Drehobl with a blind-side ollie, Dennis put his signature Busenitz on it for sure and no denying the smooth stylish tailslide fakie that Phil Shao handed it.