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Curved or sickle-shaped; falcate.

[Latin falx, falc-, sickle + -form.]
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(ˈfæl səˌfɔrm)

sickle-shaped; falcate.
[1760–70; < Latin falc-, s. of falx sickle + I- + -form]
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Adj.1.falciform - curved like a sickle; "a falcate leaf"; "falcate claws"; "the falcate moon"
curved, curving - having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend; "the curved tusks of a walrus"; "his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard"
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a. falciforme, en forma de hoz;
___ ligamentligamento ___;
___ ligament of liverligamento ___ del hígado;
___ processproceso ___.
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There are three vertical and three horizontal fissures; the verticals are: 1) Umbilical portal fissure (A05.8.01.034), marked on the diaphragmatic surface of the liver by the hepatic insertion of the falciform ligament; it is tilted 50 degrees to the left in relation to the sagittal plane of the liver; it does not contain the left hepatic vein, however, it contains from the front to the back side: the round ligament of the liver, the umbilical part of the left portal branch, and the venous ligament in the parenchymal groove that forms its lower edge; it separates segments II-III from segment IV on the diaphragmatic surface, and separates segment III from segment IV in the front side and segment I from segment II at the back of the visceral surface.
The surgeon must prove GA by examining the most common sites for ectopic gallbladder in detail which are intrahepatic, retro-hepatic, on the left side, within lesser omentum or within the falciform ligament, retro-duodenal, retro-pancreatic and retroperitoneal which increases the chances of iatrogenic injury.9,10
A 10-mm trocar was placed in the epigastrium to the right of the falciform ligament with two additional 5-mm ports in the right upper abdomen two finger breadths below the costal margin in mid clavicular line and anterior/midaxillary line at the level or just below the umbilicus.
Although there are many different locations such as hepatic ligaments, falciform, omentum, diaphragm where it can locate; most oftenly it is located on the gallbladder (3).
The FHS foci detected in segment 4 were located next to the falciform ligament in 17 patients (60.7%), anterior to the portal vein in 7 patients (25%); different locations in segment 4 were detected in 2 patients (7.1%).
Use of a falciform ligament pedicle flap to decrease pancreatic fistula after distal pancreatectomy.
Adipose tissue was aseptically collected from falciform ligament fat of an anaesthetized dog in the control group at 4 weeks before induction of acute liver injury.
The falciform ligament of the liver is a fibrous remnant of the obliterated umbilical vein [1, 2].
in the mesenterium commune of an apple peel small intestine with atresia and muzzle in the falciform ligament.
The distribution of endometrial implant through the diaphragm seems to be asymmetric with the right being affected more than the left; this can be explained by transportation of viable cells by the intraabdominal current flowing in a clockwise manner coming down from the left peritoneal gutter and flowing across the pelvic floor and up along the right peritoneal gutter, once they reach the right upper quadrant, they are stuck by falciform ligament (peritoneal fold extending to the liver from diaphragm and abdominal wall).
"An ideal plan might be to harvest stem cells at spaying or neutering, as the falciform ligament is an excellent source, and then banking it until it is needed in the future." Certainly, for breeds prone to orthopedic injuries, this might be a good option.