falciform ligament

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Noun1.falciform ligament - a ligament that attaches part of the liver to the diaphragm and the abdominal wall
ligament - a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs
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The surgeon must prove GA by examining the most common sites for ectopic gallbladder in detail which are intrahepatic, retro-hepatic, on the left side, within lesser omentum or within the falciform ligament, retro-duodenal, retro-pancreatic and retroperitoneal which increases the chances of iatrogenic injury.9,10
Standring describio tres conceptos acerca de la fisura de la porcion izquierda: la fisura umbilical, la fisura venosa y la fisura portal izquierda, como entidades diferentes, diferente ubicacion y diferente contenido, de una manera confusa que se contradice en cada definicion: 1) "Left portal fissure: It extends from the mid point of the anterior edge of the liver between the falciform ligament and the left triangular ligament to the point which marks the confluence of the left and middle hepatic veins.
"An ideal plan might be to harvest stem cells at spaying or neutering, as the falciform ligament is an excellent source, and then banking it until it is needed in the future." Certainly, for breeds prone to orthopedic injuries, this might be a good option.
The falciform ligament is a broad and thin fold of the peritoneum, attaching the liver to the anterior parietal and diaphragmatic peritoneum, also separating the left and right lobe of the liver.
Adipose tissue was aseptically collected from falciform ligament fat of an anaesthetized dog in the control group at 4 weeks before induction of acute liver injury.
The falciform ligament of the liver is a fibrous remnant of the obliterated umbilical vein [1, 2].
Parenchyme splitting is initiated just right to the falciform ligament between the left lateral (liver segments 2-3) and left medial (liver segment 4) sections, during which inflow structures of liver segment 4 arising off of the hilar plate are ligated and divided (Video).
Computed tomography (CT) revealed edematous inflammation of the falciform ligament, which was confirmed by diagnostic laparoscopy (Figure 1).
Factors associated with intestines include abnormalities of suspensory ligament of colon and falciform ligament, megacolon, an elongated/hypermobile colon with chronic constipation, and abnormal gas accumulation due to aerophagia.
At times, it is helpful to cut the falciform ligament near the liver to expose the right side of the diaphragm completely while the patient is in steep reverse Trendelenburg position.
Compared with purely laparoscopic left lateral sectionectomy, the learning curve to perform complex surgeries is shorter with robotic assistance, and surgeons do not need abundant laparoscopic experience to perform surgical robotic techniques.[sup][3] However, it was somewhat more difficult to maintain the distance and angle between the mechanical arms from occlusions, especially when dissecting the left triangular ligament, falciform ligament, or suprahepatic vena cava.
They include Rigler's sign, hyperlucent liver sign, doge cap sign, falciform ligament sign, urachus sign, football sign, cupola sign, and air under diaphragm [6].