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1. A folding chair or stool, especially one used by a bishop when not occupying the throne or when presiding away from the cathedral.
2. Ecclesiastical
a. A desk at which the litany is recited.
b. A small desk at which worshipers kneel to pray, especially one at which the British sovereign kneels at the time of coronation.

[Partial translation of Medieval Latin faldistolium, folding stool, of Germanic origin; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]


a backless seat, sometimes capable of being folded, used by bishops and certain other prelates
[C11 fyldestol, probably a translation of Medieval Latin faldistolium folding stool, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German faldstuol]



1. a chair or seat used by bishops away from their thrones.
2. a folding stool or desk used by worshipers.
3. a stool used by sovereigns of England at their coronations.
[1595–1605; < Medieval Latin faldistolium < West Germanic *faldistōl; see fold1, stool]